Thursday, 5 November 2015


Call us especially in the evening or email us any time.   Our telephone number is 956 - 205 - 2441 and our email address is

The site can also be accessed via our conservative opinion blog

Which deals with political, historical, and  cultural issues affecting Mexico, Texas, and the rest of North America especially.  Once the blog, our esteemed visitor will find a picture....there is a gate....and by clicking on said  gate, the client will be conducted to the page concerning our little bed and brunch place and its grounds.   Within veritable seconds or less, you will be in the zone that explains all about "La Quinta Tesoro de la Sierra Madres."

We truly appreciate your involvement and interest with us and our little hideaway.  Please feel free to communicate, ask questions, or give us some guidance of your own.

David and Diana