Monday, 19 October 2015

We are heading back down for an extended stay - But Wait, there's more


First, we shall be heading down to the Quinta Tesoro de la Sierra Madre for a while.  There is a possibility of making a kind of linkage with a hunting/fishing operation on the coast and the people have expressed an interest in looking at our place as kind of an "off the beaten trail" alternative for some of their clients.   It is encouraging because they are indicating that good numbers of duck, whitening and mourning dove, and quail groups returned during this season.  They likened it to a dry hose, and then about 2 years ago there was a drip, and this year there has been a steady flow.  So we shall see.


Now, more about our friend El Chapo Guzman.  It was my opinion back in the hours and days following the escape of Guzman from the ultra-high security prison deeper into central  Mexico that he was not leaving the country.   There are simply too many people waiting for him, people from all walks of life.   They also have all sorts of interest in him.

News concerning Joaquin (El Chapo) Guzman:

My notion was that he would go back to his dear and comforting Sierra Madre Occidental, a vast, vast extension of canyons, rivers, tropical, and alpine forests the size of New England and, on there lie low.  Stories had already begun to surface that Guzman was having arguments within the family....that he was more trouble than he was worth....that he would womanize and get stoned like before and spend more and more of the highly overestimated wealth that he has.   There would be nothing left "....for the rest of us".
     Supposedly his American wife (dual citizenship) went to the prison some time back to plead with him to co-operate with the authorities so that they could salvage some of the ill-gotten gain and erase the stain against their two daughters.   Emma Coronel, the niece of a man who was one of El Chapo's higher ranking inner circle, was killed in a shoot-out with the Mexican Army back in 2010, but officially authorities say that she just a nice girl, a beauty contest winner, college-educated homebody who likes to whelp her babies in the United States.
Emma Coronel de Guzman

     Guzman, when he left the prison down that long tunnel, possibly thought he was going to some nice place with no extradition, such as Costa Rica.  But, in fact he was, after several clumsy deceptions, spirited off to his mountains.   Yesterday we spoke a bit about Cosala' in Sinaloa State, and Tamazula in Durango State....two towns quite closely situated one to the other.

     Without belabouring the issue any more than necessary,  Guzman has had babies by two other women beside his present "wife''.  Another minor complication has arisen because the State Congress Representative for the district including Cosala is a (lamentably, a PAN party member,  the homologous entity to the American Republican Party or the Conservative Party in Canada)

(reportage de Gardenia Mendoza - freelance desde la Ciudad de Mexico)
Mexican Marines are nipping at the heels of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán’s – or at least that’s what the minister overseeing the Marines believes.  Since Oct. 6, thousands of soldiers have been sent to the area known as Mexico’s “Golden Triangle,” the remote, mountainous region where the states of Chihuahua, Durango and Sinaloa converge. Most of them parachuted in.  The operation was reportedly triggered by information provided to Mexican authorities by U.S. drug agents who were monitoring cell phone activity.
Around 200 people from the region, presumably scared of getting caught in the crossfire between the Marines and the Sinaloa Cartel’s sicarios, have fled to the town of Cosalá.“The Marines told us that they want to capture the Lord,” they told reporters, and mentioned talking about soldiers attacking civilians.  “People are frightened,” Cosalá’s representative in the state legislature, Lucero Sánchez López, told TV reporters, adding that at least eight people were missing.
The most interesting fact about Sánchez  is that she has been identified by the Mexican press and the Attorney General’s office, as Chapo’s newest lover and the mother of his youngest child, an allegation she has consistently denied.
For its part, SEMAR says there haven't been any civilian attacks, but it doesn't deny that the Marines are carrying out an operation in that sector of Sinaloa and across the state line in Durango – a state that’s governed by Ricardo Ochoa, whose sister, Emma Coronel, happens to be Chapo’s current wife.   The presumed romantic relationship between the 57-year-old Guzmán – the world’s most wanted drug kingpin – and a 26-year-old, thick-lipped and light-haired member of the National Action Party (PAN) – has spread ever since June, when it was first reported that she visited Chapo in Altiplano prison, some 55 miles from Mexico City, in May when she was pregnant.
At the time, authorities at the prison lodged a complaint with PGR saying that Chapo received a visit from a woman who used a fake ID who was not his wife. For her part, Sánchez says that the woman photographed with the drug lord isn't her.  The newspaper Excélsior, suggested that Sánchez first met Chapo in 2013, at a party in the Golden Triangle that both attended. A few months later, her former husband and the father of her two sons, Rubén Chavez, 27, was shot to death.
A few days after Chapo’s second escape from a Mexican high-security prison in July, the Attorney General’s office (PGR in its Spanish acronym) leaked to the media a statement by one of Guzmán Loera’s attorneys confirming that Sánchez  visited his client to discuss details of where and how their child would be raised.
A veteran columnist from El Universal newspaper, Ricardo Alemán, wrote, “Very little is known for a fact about Chapo’s children … What we do know is that Chapo’s youngest kid is the son of Lucero Guadalupe Sánchez López, presently a deputy in the Sinaloa Congress from the 16th district of Cosalá.”
He added, “It is also known that Mrs. Sánchez became deputy in the state congress by virtue of Chapo’s influence in Cosala.”  Sánchez continues to deny having a relationship with Chapo. At a session of the Sinaloa Congress in July, she said the topic was “ridiculous” and condemned  the PGR’s “coarse leaks” and said she intended to “file a claim with the [Mexican] Human Rights Commission for defamation and moral injury to me, my children and the rest of my family.”
It isn’t known whether she has filed any claim or if she has been called into the PGR for questioning. Chapo’s wife, with whom the kingpin has twin daughters, has not made any public statement on the matter.   PAN leaders have stated that Sánchez will be removed from her post if it proves that she did, in fact, visit Chapo at Altiplano.  Whether or not Sánchez is involved with Chapo, few people doubt that he’s in the Golden Triangle. What’s less clear is that Mexico’s forces will be able to catch him a third time.                                                                                               
“There’s hardly any other place where he could feel more secure than the Golden Triangle, where he has not only friends but family and social protection,” analyst José Reveles, author of the Spanish-language book, “El Chapo: Surrender and Treason,” move alo-----0ng.....the reporterette is a leftist observer, and she is a freelancer, but she doe0s have veracity in terms of her reportage.   If El Gringo Viejo says so about an0y leftist....then you know that it simply has to be true.  What we want to do h0ere, however, is (1) demonstrate that there are things going on that are no0000t reported by a0ny American media....things that are not that hard to figure out or learn.....(2) that those things are important to Mexicans, Americans, and Canadia0ns.....(3) and finally that El Chapo did not have friendly terrain back up in Choix, Sinaloa when the "peasants" volunteered to help the Army uproot and run him out of town or into hell two years ago.
     He is in his second-best terrain at this point, and has been up-rooted from there by an effective attack by the Mexican brand of the American 82nd.   In this case, 120 Mexican Army Special Forces personnel did parachute from fairly high, stationary helicopters, at night. The "Run Away Escape" episode has begun, the objective has one bullet-wound in the right leg....(we'll keep tabs on that matter)....and a significant facial wound....of unknown profundity.  El Chapo and his "friends" or "controllers" or by this point, perhaps his "kidnappers"....are trying to cover the man and keep the issue.

    We shall keep our own ears close to the ground and learn if we have g00d news for our neighbors and Christian Allies concerning this matter.   I am not fluxed or surprised that the truth of this issue is not front page of any Newspaper of  McAllen area.

More in a few Days.  For is off to the Tropics and the celebrations of the Mexican Halloween, or the Fiesta de los Muertos y Todos Santos.    I'll try to have better pictures upon the return.
El Gringo Viejo