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CDG:"El Orejón" leader of "los Ciclónes" captured

Lucio R. Borderland Beat using information from Reforma
Angel Eduardo Prado Rodriquez

The Coordination Group - Tamaulipas said Friday members of the Ministry of Defense National arrested in Matamoros Angel Eduardo Prado Rodríguez, head of the Golfo Cartel in this border town and premier leader of CDG’s “Los Ciclones”.

Prado-Rodríguez, "Ciclón 7 also known as El  Orejón (Big-ears), it was rated as one of 15 priority objectives of the strategy of Tamaulipas security.

The suspect was the sole objective on that list had not been detained since May 13, 2014. The remainder are either dead or in prison in Texas or Nuevo Leon State. (emphasis- el gringo viejo)
His arrest was made in a raid shortly after six in the morning today.    
He was transferred to the premises of the Deputy Attorney Specialized Investigation of Organized Crime (SEIDO) in Mexico City, and is expected to be presented later to the media. (All credit to: 15 comments:  

Additional side information....,"Why Orejon"  (Big Ears?)

Orejon, depending upon region throughout the Americas, has seven or eight pretty distinct meanings, some understandable but others related to matters of anthropology and archeology.  My problem was a drug gang "leader" of the now nearly defunct  Cartel del Golfo.  Angel Eduardo Prado Rodriquez who was the 15th of fifteen "most wanted" by the Mexican Army and the Mexican Naval Infantry.   All the rest of the left-over leaders have been killed or are in prison in Texas or Nuevo Leon.
     Orejon can possibly identify a person who has a deep and wide cadre of observers and informants....."....nothing happens that he doesn't hear about an hour later, no matter where."   Or it could mean that he is a really, really, really backwards Indian from some remote places in the area where Chihuahua, Durango, and Sinaloa States of Mexico have their closest "come-togetherness".  The Orejones are more "....backwards than the Quichole"....and they speak no Spanish still.   They also sit on about 4% of the known reserves of gold and industrial metals...some say in the world, others say in North America.
     Also, there are Orejon tribes in South America, unrelated to those smaller groups up in the Sierra Madre Occidental in Mexico.   They are known as "orejones" for the manner by which the men extend their ear lobes with fine woods, or even gold discs the size of American an half-dollar at times.