Wednesday, 24 June 2015

We have returned....neat trip


     We returned yesterday amid a bit of rain, some heavy, and some light.  It seems as if Global Climate Change keeps changing on an almost daily basis.  I did notice that Global Warming was actually taking place more during the afternoon while Global Cooling was confined  to the nighttime hours and pre-dawn early morning hours.   We are working on the models to see if there is a tendency that can be extrapolated into a working forecast.   Then, we shall be able to tell exactly how much George Bush is to blame and how much the Confederate Flag Stress Syndrome (CFSS) plays into the matter.

     We shall be trying to rest up for a few days.  To-morrow we shall attempt to give a bit of a description to our last episode down at the Quinta, and perhaps even have a few pictures that we can post for you.  The trip was a bit tiring due to a nagging throat - sinus problem  that kept El Gringo Viejo up during the last few nights.  

More later,
El Gringo Viejo