Thursday, 11 June 2015

Dumbo Goulash - Who reads the New York Times?

"Terror of 10th Street"
A perfect look-alike of my first ride.
And yes, Virginia, it really only had 36
horsepower.   El Zorro had a Studebaker
Lark with a V-8, three on the column, and
over 170 horses in those days - 1963 . 64
 We are treated to the New York Times yukking it up about the wild traffic history of the Pareja Rubio de la Florida.  Allow me, first to gloat, and then explain.   During my first years as a driver, terrorising people throughout the South of Texas, with a 36 horsepower Karmann Ghia Volkswagen.

     There was a policeman who followed me up and down 10th Street which was and remains the main drag of McAllen.   He pulled me over a couple of times just to do it, and then he would remind me that just because I was a "rich kid with a fancy European hotrod" that he could clip my wings faster than I could spread them.
 It was always my ardent wish that he could learn a different line, but it was always the same.  I had a few incidents from 1964 through 1970, none for a speeding offense over 5 miles over the limit, and a couple for much less.  Two incidents with a couple of different drunks totalled one Karmann and hurt a Corvair pretty bad.   But, since 45 years....El Gringo Viejo has not had a traffic citation of any kind.   The better three/quarters has had only one, and that was at a newly established speed zone being used as a convenient trap for drivers overly familiar with the route.
     In any regard the smearing of Marco Rubio was a sight to behold, gushing forth from the New York Times, word-for-word from a broadside prepared by that favourite turncoat among the marxists, David Brock.  The NYT reporter seemed willing to serve as a kind of convenience, printing the article about how during 19 years Marco Rubio was a clear and present danger to mankind because there were all these high-speed, double-parking and incongruent registration tags on vehicles, etc.   Jeannette Dousdebes Rubio has a majority of the moving violation citations...which altogether, moving and documentational and parking violations all assembled come up to fewer than 1 citation per year person.    And some were dismissed!!

     Next, since this did not work even on the stupid and the low-information voter types, the next "scandalous revelations" about Marcos's family will be the story about Marco Rubio's drug trafficking brother-in-law.   No is very old news....nowhere near as bad as Hill and Billary's siblings who are veritable criminals, tried and convicted in various cases.
    Hillary's brother is again newly involved bit of nefariousness.   He is in fact  in a totally suspect gold mining concession agreement  in Haiti...a place where Billy Jeff has been so very active with his foundation, restoring normalcy after the Great Earthquake.   The entire project is a kickback to the Clintons and a rip-off to the Haitian people of their national patrimony.        
     Of course, 99% of the devastation remains and the quality of life in Haiti remains the lowest in the Americas.   The Clinton Administrations in Little Rock and Washington, D.C. were easily the most corrupt political in the history of the Republic.   In spite of that, the Obsolete Press of the United States and the world in general, seem content to accept the Clintons as the necessary price to pay if one truly wants to forward abortion, perversion, totalitarian socialism, corruption, and American decay.
More in a few days,
El Gringo Viejo