Thursday, 25 June 2015

Stumbling into Gomorra

     Yes, show me the way to the darkest abyss of despair so that I can atone for having been born into the Caucasian race.   There is no health in me, and my inequity is caused by my chromosomes.   I will  praise Ba'al as I pass the graffitied welcome monument and the brave,  iron-resolve stare of the face of Ernesto (Che') Guevara's statue, staring forward, ever forward to the final moment where all are equal and none can want.   I and mine shall pay for our own medical services and for all those who grovel for the farthings left to me.

     The book is of course sealed upon the career of the Hon. Chief Justice.   He is a peculiar mixture  of stupid, ignorant, arrogant, foppish, and mayonnaise.  The only known reason for him to have been appointed to the Supreme Court's top seat is that someone, or several someones knew that Judge John would be "reasonable" and "progressive" in terms of helping everyone finally receive "health care". 

   The German hierarchy during the late 1930s could not have engineered the establishment of National Socialism better.  We have the doors completely opened to the inundation of undesirables (we call them refugees now), and we have control by totally out-of-touch mega-billionaires who want to teach us how to enjoy the taste of styrofoam.


     With reference to the issue about the effects and accoutrements associated  with the Confederate States of America, we would like to call attention to certain differences to groups who have a catechism and who group around sinners trying to be saints.  This is as opposed to groups who have no family, no order, no reasonable aims who are led by Jeremiah Wright, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Calypso Louis the acolyte from Jamaica.
     It should be pointed out that where Black Folks have a long history of Churching and more than a semblance of soci0-familial order, and where the entire population is rated by visitors as the friendliest and most helpful people in America by visitors, foreign and domestic, a disaster such as the one just past at the African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston does not provoke riots and looting.
     The Obsolete Press has had to go way, way out of its way to show that this insane act of a drunken, druggie thug (also lacking catechism) was inspired by the "Confederate Flag".  In all probability he was given steady doses of ADDGTY-3 due to "hyperactivity" and "male restlessness" from primary school forward.  We assume he made it at least some distance into high school but at this point, what possible difference could it make?

     The Black Folks of the Charleston in particular and South Carolina in general can be typified as being able to withstand the torture of being forced to endure statues, monuments, banners, and relics that recall to the viewer the images of the Old South and the episode of the Confederacy.
     In Ferguson, a bully Bear who, by the age of 18 could be proud of his criminal accomplishments and record, is killed by a cop in a manner that is ruled justifiable, and the result is the near destruction of a entire city by looters and rioters.   Even before the Body of the Bear is buried, the various roots of his family tree and busy setting up shop to cast lots to the "Chaos Tourism" community and other undocumented shoppers so as to see how clothes commemorating anarchy could be sold profitably.   Such is the case almost anywhere there is no Confederate reliquary.   Charleston has (or had) the reliquary, but there are no riots.  Everywhere else....there is anarchy.
     So much for the Obsolete Press Construct.

     And so much for the Brave New Republicans who did the Black Friday Christmas Shopping Door Storming Act, trampling over one another to show how much more they hated the Confederacy than the other politicians.  Real class.  Also a pitiable lack of understanding of the true history of the Confederate movement.   They understand the issue only in two dimensions.  The whole story about the North - South Inconvenience did have to do with the "Peculiar Institution", but there were scores of other fundamental disagreements between the two regions.

More Later.
El Gringo Veijo