Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Yesterday, Marco Rubio, and (Sir Edmund) Hillary & Company

Pictured: Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton
Huma (wife of Weiner who was given over to revelatory
 pictures of "self" so to speak.)  His wife is well-known as
 the number one"body-man" for HRH (Sir Edmund)
Hillary whois pictured above in a somewhat
 photo.  They were last photo'd at the Chipotle
Restaurant in Whocares, Flyover, USA with
with HRH (Sir Edmund) in sunglasses.)


     It is a pleasant task to watch GOP candidates Cruz, Paul, and Rubio speak coherently and cogently concerning their viewpoints and intentions.  It is such a chore to try to listen to a beat-up, mendacious, self-consumed old hag regurgitate a score of focus-group vomited-up phrases meant to impress the low information / low intellectual capacity dolts who want something for nothing.  But listening to well-spoken, competent, relatively young men point the way to the path to the Shining City on the side of the Mountain, and assign the task to achieving that destination to each of us, instead of some national-socialist commissar, is wonderfully pleasant.
     One has to understand the lament of the Ernesto (Che) Guevara-pullover shirt wearers, the one-bath-per-month crowd, the leftist trust-fund-babies who can't navigate an Oldsmobile over the Bridge Over Chappaquiddick.   For them and all the Aunt Zietuni - Uncle Omar - Sandra Fluke types who want my daughter and granddaughters to pay for Sandra's birth-control alternatives, and who volunteer to remain as barefooted "single-moms" tied to the bed-posts of AFDC and (Sir Edmund) Hillary's sceptre and a letter promissory from Huma Weiner, please understand that we want everyone out there to fly.
    Ah!, mais non! We want them to soar...and not grovel like beggars with extended hand to a government that demands  their servitude.

     Yes, Virginia, I knew your question before it was asked.   Was it something like "Uncle Gringo Viejo, you said that Jorge Ramos was a scum-bag and a cad because he gave Father Obamaham a break on the Fast and Furious Lie.   But now, Jorge Ramos has stabbed Harry Reid right in the gut over the Romney-Pays-No-Taxes-Lie as you noted, but now Jorge has even pointed out the head-scratcher-for-pinkoes-canon of "Tea Partiers, Conservatives, and Republicans hate Mexicans and Negroes and Eskimoes and homosexuals" is a lie.  Jorge pointed out, live and in colour, that the Republicans already have two heavy-duty Latin candidates who have declared for the GOP nomination to candidacy for the Presidency....both of whom are being taken seriously across the board."
     I know, Virginia, but there is still the hurt...even when Geraldo Rivera or Juan Williams leave the national-socialist plantation and speak so as to make sense....El Gringo Viejo remembers their purposefully fuzzy thinking or misstatements that caused damage to the Conservative cause....a cause that benefits all humanity because of it dedication to equal protection before the law.
    But, yes, Virginia, it was noted, and a large positive mark was placed by Jorge's Record of Eternity.   To this date, not even Barbara Walters has such a mark. 

Thanks, as always, for your time, attention, and kind understanding.
El Gringo Viejo