Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Old News is new news....El Zorro rides in from the moonlit shadows


      The interplay between EGV and El Zorro is almost a spooky, twin-psychic-spiritual thing that is impossible to understand.  It has gone on for over fifty years, and speaks to the fact that, in truth, a man will have only one, or at the most three friends, in his lifetime.  Sibling status is not a choice, whether by natural means or adoption, that is something that is foisted upon a child, and it should, in fact, be respected.
     But when a couple of fellows can stumble through the years and, almost 100% of the time, hit a bull's eye about when to communicate, when to opine, when to chastise, when to congratulate, etc.  then one can assume that the word friend is well employed.

     A recent probative uncovering of that which both El Zorro and EGV have been decrying, both directly and peripherally, gives us more confidence than pause.  This recently made discovery by a command level officer of the Mexican Army and his Praetorian Guard, an elite group of counter-insurgency troops who have been filtered repeatedly for competence, patriotism, morality, and combat skills has shaken the foundations of Mexico City and Washington D.C.   It is so profound that no detailed reporting is being done.

    Couple that with an equally competent detail of the Federal Civilian Police (whose father is the Mexican Army and whose mother is Mexico) who accompanied the "olivos" above mentioned, it is forensically clear and not debatable that elements of the degraded cartels in and around the Juarez / El Paso metroplex have been co-ordinating and assisting in the passing of ISIS saboteurs and murderers into the United States.  We point out that these are the types who proved beyond any doubt that the Obama/Holder/Jarrett gun-running into Mexico managed to indirectly kill over 1,300 innocents during cartel violence in Mexico.  (1st degree manslaughter anyone?   Depraved indifference in the death of a person, anyone? Anti-Hispanic, anyone?)

     It is more than probable that original contacts have been made between the two entities in Cuba, Venezuela, and to an extent, Nicaragua.  By entities, we mean those generally associated with what is known as "cartel" people, and those generally associated with Islamic radical murder and sabotage.   These contacts have been rumoured since well-before the 2013 period, although they would not have been the first contacts between New World drug and human traffickers and radical Islamic groups.  Those contacts have been extant since the turn of the century.

     All of this is preambulatory to what was disclosed, very openly and officially, by the Mexican Army several days ago, upon the Diario Oficial del H. Congresso de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos (What we call the "Congressional Record").   The Army has been threatening for the past two years or so to "go public" and they have.

     Hillary Rodham Clinton, John Kerry Heinz, Valerie Jarrett, and all the company of Lucifer's Court have known this information very probably in much greater detail than either El Zorro or EGV.  But their solution to such a matter would be to release a few hundred terrorists from Guantanamo or blame George Bush and/or a video disrespectful to Mohammed.   Barry Soetoro would neither have known or cared, even after finding out about any of it in the New York Times and MSNBC, three months after the fact.

     Various members of the U.S. Congress....those who head as chairmen or co-chairmen any number of Congressional Committees and sub-Committees....would have knowledge of much or all of these bits of information coming out of Mexico.

     Some of the gossip and rumour that circulates around the Iguala farce and the "students'' who attended the "government normal school for teachers" is that ISIS "liquidation technicians" working with the very minor-league New Generation "cartel", allies of the pro-communist mayor of Iguala and his wife, the pretendrix  to the crown of the governorship of the State of Guerrero, did-in the troublesome "43 martyrs".    The "martyrs" who are being lamented during a ridiculous, illogical shake-down, fund-raising tour through the United States at this time were all students who desired to be put into an internship that essentially meant three years of austerity and peonage to "professors" of the "normal".  These are the "education professors" who were and are totally dedicated strike-force communists.   A pox on the Secretaria de Educacion Publica for having allowed funding to the ridiculous "normal" college for almost a generation, now.
     But the saying that bees are drawn to clean and flies are drawn to .....filth, is absolutely true.  ISIS and communists and drug/human traffickers are all flies of the same open sewer.   They are as is the Occupy Wall Street and ACORN ilk.   The left and the nihilists never stop trying to destroy and they will ally with the Devil or ISIS or any agency to forward any activity that will destroy America as a Citadel of Free Will, Liberty, Morality, and Free Enterprise.

     So, finally, are El Zorro and EGV surprised?   No.   Only the surfacing of the story at this moment is a bit surprising.  El Zorro saw first and second hand the manoeuver of pushing children and women to the front of a demonstration line or a skirmish line by Cong or NVA....he is not surprised by depravity.   El Gringo Viejo has seen the sub-Comandante Marcos types, and incessant, permanent, protests and demonstrations  against whatever some weed-stoned "leader" woke up and decided would be the capitalist offense du jour....and he has seen the dull, stupid marchers chanting senseless slogans for 10 kilometres down the Paseo de la Reforma, blocking traffick during rush hour on the busiest boulevard in Latin America, protesting for pensions for old beat up prostitutes.   And, he has seen the extreme upper-middle class snots with essentially free matriculation at the world-class Universidad Autonono de Mexico grimly accompanying the other marchers, chanting Gringos no! El Pueblo si!  Fuera Oligarcos!! with dilated pupils during the afternoon hours.

     So, the idea that Barry Soetoro and Company would leave the frontiers of the United States, both south and north, largely un-defended, only underscores the commitment that the Soros-Alinsky drones to destroy America from within.  Every measure, accommodating the Persians, kissing the feet of a brutal, murderous dictators such as Fidel & Raul Castro Ruz, overthrowing Mubarak, abandoning the victory in Iraq, stabbing the Eastern Europeans in the back, and the general turning away from any reasonable foreign and domestic policy that might be coherent and sensible all makes sense.  The failure to defend the issue at Benghazi is the background smoke behind the Mexican Army general officer releasing the information about how rotted out the official American will to defend itself has fallen.
     Please know that O'Reilly does not know or understand.  We are on our own.  This matter could be the unravelling of the Republic.  There is some irony, perhaps, as we enter into the week of the coming Battle of San Jacinto and the establishment by force of arms of the Republic of Texas by defeating one of the more capable Mexican generals....that we find ourselves being warned with the flapping of a brilliant red cape in our very faces by another Mexican general officer, acting as would a friend and brother.

Hello?  Watson, is that you?   Please, bring your revolver.  The game's afoot!
El Gringo Viejo....with more than a little push from El Zorro, honourably discharged, Sergeant, United States Air Force,  Viet Nam Theatre, two combat tours.   Pray first for America, pray more especially for the Republic of Texas.