Monday, 13 April 2015

El Cid (Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar)

Burgos-Estatua del Cid.jpg
EL CID - The Lord
Perhaps the greatest Theatre-scale
Commander in Spanish History
     We have long marvelled at the person and accomplishments of Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar.   He led Muslim armies against Muslims and Christians, and Christian armies against Christians and Muslims and it all must have been very confusing.  He lived during the earliest part of the 2nd Millennium, was born as a lower level aristocrat, and developed fame as a brilliant tactician and strategist in military matters.  He was so great that they had to employ Charlton Heston to play the biographic and Sophia Loren as Jimena, his wife.
     Part of the lore about Rodrigo is that, after his death, enemies of the great city-state of Valencia laid siege to the walls.  The people went and exhumed the venerated body of Rodrigo, strapped him into his armour, mounted him up on a warhorse similar to his beloved deceased Bavieca, and followed the unlikely pair out to meet the siege.  They did so successfully, proving that even after death, El Cid could conquer any foe who was moved by ill motive.

Tomb of the Warhorse Babieca
at the Monastery of San Pedro
de Carden~a

     All of this brings to mind what we are watching now play out upon the political stage, minus the romance, bravery, and mythic glow.  Certainly Billy Jeff Blythe, as white-trash, and (Sir Edmund) Hillary as a deranged shrew do not make a good stand-in for Rodrigo and Jimena or Charlton and Sophia.
     We are watching something similar play out, however.   We have a bunch of underlings lugging out the body of a cold hearted, soul-dead, blob of self-absorption and conceit and strapping on the body's iron battle-pants-suit for one last great attack.   The Big One....The Final Act.....The Vindication.
      Hordes of lackeys and foot-soldiers charge forth to vanquish the unqualified and common nobodies.   Billions of shekels will be thrown into the effort while the Enemies of Women's Issues and Progress will marvel and fall aside at the radiance of the mounted menace with her battle sword held high to threaten the neck of anyone who doubts her power.   After all, with a curdling battle cry like, "Que diferencia, a este punto, se puede hacer?"   You know, something really inspiring.

      This is what this heroic  58th "roll-out" of the re-newed  and re-improved (Sir Edmund)Hillary 9.01Hagtash@twittercorkscrew seems to smell like.  We remember her "listening tour" when she "ran" for the United States Senate from New York.  She said she was going up-State to solve the problems brought on by free trade in that area.  Governor Cuomo has built on her successes there by prohibiting frakking and other petroleum exploitation in that otherwise oil and gas rich State.   After (Sir Edmund)Hillary's successes only about 10% of the counties in New York are studying methods by which they can secede from the State of New York and join the State of Pennsylvania.
     One laughs through the tears.   El Gringo Viejo has a score of generations of people buried in those places, along the Hudson, down in Montrose, up in Red Hook, Duchess County and Albany and such places.   After Hillary and Cuomo, they got up and moved their graves to Texas, I think.

Pray for the Republic.   More later.
El Gringo Viejo