Friday, 10 April 2015

Why the Big Pundits cannot see and the Little Pundits might see more clearly....

      Krauthammer is genius by any definition.   Cousin Rush, Hannity, Levine, Laura Ingraham, Beck....and the panoply of "real live" Dana Perrino level "Reasonable to not-so Reasonable Republican and/or Conservative" commentators leave a bit to a tad to a lot to be desired.
     Many OROGs have never heard of A.S. Haley who is perhaps the pre-eminent authority concerning reconciliation of Anglican and secular civil law in the English-speaking world, a profoundly authoritative voice concerning matters interior to the  Anglican Communion, the Episcopal Church in America, the Anglican-influenced movement of people seeking Orthodoxy as they leave the Episcopal Church in America....along with a score of other accomplishments....intellectual and personal.  He is a double degree holder from Harvard, and is still a conservative political thinker in the modern context.   He has a degree in music and a degree in the Law.  And....he has no television in the house of the family that he heads.

     I use this poor man as a whipping post to the tie this fact.   Most have never heard of him or read his works.   Yet, he has successfully turned back (he would require that it be said that he had a very small role to play in turning back), by legal process, the attempt by the Protestant Episcopal Church of America to destroy every vestige of grand tradition, ownership of parish and/or diocese by Traditionalists and Orthodox Anglican, or any form conventional Christian vestige.
     Before he arrived with armour glinting forth in the morning's sun, we the sullen traditionalists simply limped into the shadows, attending funerals, mainly.   But A.S. Haley, along with his mates, have almost finished the drilling of a wooden stake into the place where the heart would have been had the movement to destroy Anglicism had such an organ.
      Even the "Conservative" Prime Minister of the United Kingdom addressed the Empire very recently, with the recognition that "...This is a Christian Kingdom".

    I move on to a "retired sergeant" of the United States Air Force with various medals (I have none, and am jealous) pinned upon the breast of his service uniforms.   He cometh forth from a family of privilege and trial....all of whom were/are people of advanced intelligence.   He went to war and stared it in the face.  He accomplished the "university degree" as did El Gringo Viejo to prove that the Republic of Texas had deigned that he and I were "educated and refined" persons....El Zorro and El Gringo Viejo.
   In those days, it was father....a psychologist...said many times to me,  "Do not study for your sustenance."   He admonished me to learn by working by serving, by working with my hands, and by being of use.  The degree, he said, ''...places you in the gentleman class."    He further stated that a "gentleman" without talent, willingness to work, and willingness to invest and risk his funds and talents was not truly a member of the upper elements of the food chain."   (Food chain was my Father's terms for the sociological totem-pole).

    And so here we are.  El Zorro....El Gringo Viejo...and to an extent the Vicar of the Blog "Anglican Curmudgeon" who is the chaplain of this pleasant madness.  This includes the brother Finch and the brother Munguia, whose proclivity to expletive causes us concerns for the ladies about us, but there are many.  There are many who know the following:

     Barack Hussein Obama has done everything that Sorosistas have told him to do, through the ''vocera'' Valerie Jerrett and her owners, the Annenberg Foundation, and other "progressive" foundations where trust-fund babies learned how to take their great-grandparents' profits and turn them into seduction-units for bimbos-at-the-bar. Valerie Jarrett could not win the bimbo-at-the-bar prize because she had a face that could sink a thousand ships.       So she self-converted into a Nurse Ratchet  for the progressive elements searching for a convenient Mexican-immigrant victim to help forward their cause of pointing out the oppression against those criminally involved who did not look like Margaret Thatchers' nephews. (Believe me.  This is how the Soros people think.)
     Nurse Ratchet was/is a Persian with family background in communist activities against the Shah of Iran, that granted them a quick exile from Teheran back in the 1970s.  That does not take away from her suffering at the hands of the brutality of the not-totally-socialist English who allowed her a fancy college degree, which was promptly used for going to America and latching onto the most easily controllable drip in the bucket....the perfect Manchurian Candidate.   Valerie's parents must have been  proud.

     All of this prologue leads to the point:   Those of us who are not in the major leagues as commentators, analysts, and pundits perhaps see more clearly.   Obama, for instance, does not do things that seem stupid simply because he is stupid.  He does them because, like a child-abused toddler, he has been trained to do what the people who give him any comfort he might have, tell him to do.   He does not know or understand much beyond the fact that he generally hates white people and America.  Valerie sees at least into the mid-point of the field of battle...shrouded as it is in cannonade fogs.   Hillary and Michelle simply sit in front of the Magic Window of Water Buffaloes and wait to be called to the Burlesque Stage that presents nightly shows that offer water buffaloes ballerinas  who are not even good enough for soup bones.
   Obama has done or has been ordered to do every stupid looking thing that has been done, intentionally.    The losses in the Middle East, the incredibly stupid "health care" programme, the Stalinist "takeover" of General Motors and Chrysler, the billion-dollar Solyndra (etc.) serial corporate/political welfare payoff, the lies about the programme of Fast and Furious, and hundreds of other really destructive to the American Culture things he has put into motion.   Amnesty Anyone?

     Obama and his controllers have done absolutely everything they intended to do....and they have done it intentionally.   There are about fifty or so other "brother contributors" to this blog alone, all of whom have more to state, and more to lose, than the "approved" pundits.  This blog contributes to about ten others.  We are the sergeants-major and colonels of this war.  We are the ones who will ultimately win it.
El Gringo Viejo