Sunday, 12 April 2015

Looking Ahead to the Battle of San Jacinto - 21 April 1836


  During the coming days we shall be making observations, some old and some new, about the pre-San Jacinto engagement,  the engagement itself, and that which followed.  In these days, one realises that the smoke never clears.   Not concerning the War Between the States....not concerning the War for Texian Independence....and not for many, many other matters of import.
     The winning of that particular battle did not end the book about the establishment of Texas as a truly strange, almost mythical, and different political entity upon the face of the Planet.   Texas both suffered and prospered as an independent nation, and to this day, most long-time Texians hold that we would have been and would still be better off as a friendly neighbouring independent nation to the United States and to Mexico.
William Henry Huddle's depiction of the
Surrender of Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
shortly after the end of the Battle of San Jacinto
    We shall write about such things, and perhaps bring up some previous articles to refresh both my own thinking and for review by the OROG community.   The mix should be about 50 - 50 and does include new, continuing research and readings by El Gringo Viejo.
More Later.