Friday, 10 April 2015

A few notes about diverse matters


Mexican police convoy is attacked, leaving 15 dead and 5 wounded:
     Folks can say that El Gringo Viejo wanders around with his head in the clouds, foolishly disregarding obvious overwhelming danger in a country that has obviously failed as existing national entity.   It is obvious to any observer that everyone is being killed all the time and they kill Americans all the time first.  The violence increases daily and the people are oppressed by the rich and by the free trade policies that make slaves of everybody all the time.
      We appreciate the observations made by the not-fully-informed for what they  are, and usually advise such folks to remain off-base at the Fort Hood area so long as Obama remains lord regent.  Work-place violence and all that, don't you know.

     The fact is, however, that the events around Soyutla and Mascota, Jalisco not too far from Puerto Vallarta was a jolt, although not terribly surprising, except for the number of casualties.   The police group was, or allowed themselves to be, taken by surprise.   Shame on them.  Their loss is lamented in any regard for they were better men than those who assailed against them.
     Because of bad reporting by the Mexican press, and worse by the international press, it was first thought that all the casualties had been among the relatively new Federal Civil Police.   But, no.  It was a mixed bag, so to speak, of good guys and  bad.  And, it was not one incident but a grouping over three calendar days.   The offenders are part of a group of what is called "New Generation" and their particular targets during that first week of this April, 2015 were higher-trained elements of the relatively new Rural Militia units.

     The good news is that several of the "New Generation" people were dispatched to the underworld.  In the past few days prisoners were taken by the regular Mexican Army and Jalisco State Attorney General's Police.  It's a start.

     A final tie-in about this?   Just a bit ago the OROGs will remember about the "students" who were carried off and who never returned.   There were approximately 43 of them, and they are now presumed dead, having been victims of a mass execution resulting from a dispute among extreme left-wing clusters of interest around Iguala, Guerrero.   Said community lies not too far to the south of Mascota, Jalisco.   Interestingly, the perpetrators of that "disappearance" were associated with the "Nueva Generacion", that was serving as the palace guard for the pro-communist mayor of Iguala and his wife who was in the process of declaring her candidacy for the governorship of the State of Guerrero.  (Acapulco is on the coast of Guerrero).

     We hope that the OROG is sufficiently informed about this matter so as to be able to scoff at the "pilgrimage" being made by a delegation of Mexican leftists, and "parents" of the "missing students" who in their incredibly mendacious and convoluted manner blame the Mexican central government, America, and free enterprise/capitalism for the "kidnapping" of their "students". 
      They are sponsored in large part by Roman Catholic lackeys and pseudo-nuns and tertiaries who are actually liberation theology activists.   They survive by fomenting perpetual contention, threatening, extortion,  and outright violence by civil insurrection.


     A brief report, braced upon our driving around in Mexico, is that the general advance in the quality of the highways continues, as it normally has, during the past 60 years.  Sometimes the advance is slow, steady, spotty, and under-done.  Sometimes the advance is quick, stunning, brilliant, auto-bahn level.
     Maintenance has been better as the years have gone by as well.  But due to the massive rains over the past 120 days in our area of concern, some of the well-built highways have begun to show the stress of a 200% increase in heavy tractor-trailer activity as well as regular civilian auto and bus traffic.
     There is still quick response (for government work) in addressing problem areas before the damage really begins, and that is a refreshing re-assurance.

     As a side-note, as we drove up here last Tuesday, there were three medium-sized American motorcycle groups (10 - 15 cycles) that I encountered going south, while I was going north.   The OROG will remember that, coincidentally, there were three RV and motorhome "convoys" heading for places to the south. 


     This is not for the OROG so much as it is a note to Jorge Ramos, lead reporter for UNIVISION News.  I say, Jorge, it was well that you demonstrated that Harry Reid is as worthless piece of lying human debris as could be created by the hand of Lucifer.
     It would have been appreciated if you had exposed that out-and-out lie foisted upon your interview-cum-campaign-rally interview during the past presidential campaign.  Your failure to call down Barry Soetoro for declaring that he had "closed down the previous administration's Fast and Furious Programme" as soon as he learned of it was a stunning dereliction of duty even for a marxist reporter such as yourself.
    We appreciate your efforts with Reid, although the damage you helped cause about Fast and Furious will forever mark the low point in an already bad journalistic landscape.

We retire for a bit, probably later this afternoon.
El Gringo Viejo