Monday, 23 February 2015

Why One and Not the Other? Bergdahl's Legacy and the grounds for impeachment and conviction.

     We try to avoid the useless and even ill-advised call for the impeachment of a sitting public official.  Our first, but not final, impulse concerning the punishment of high crime and/or misdemeanour by highly placed elected and appointed persons is to allow them to stew in their juices until their terms of employment conclude.   Usually the miscreants will stew in their own juices, committing more and more acts of hubris and self-indulgence until finally they are consumed by their own rot, as in the case of Mayor Nagin and a thousand other petty self-worshippers.
     But, what we have here is a failure to communicate among ourselves something that is very obvious. 
     The point is that we have a situation where "Sergeant" Bergdahl was traded out for five general officer level murdering thugs of the al Qaeda grouping was stunning enough.   We were then treated to one lying explanation and one insulting explanation from the inner offices of Valerie Jarrett after another.   All the explanations and justifications were vetted before the drooling stooges of the dull-normal Democrat-base focus-group community.  Such an astute government advisory body is ideal for an anti-American Regency and All the King's Persons motives and intents.
     First of all, it was known by the White House that the person being liberated was a deserter in the face of the enemy during time of hostility, engagement, and active combat. 
    Second, it was known that the deserter had defected to the enemy and made himself available for all nature of vile purpose.
     Third, it was known that American and allied combat personnel were killed and wounded in the attempt to ascertain the condition and location of, and the recovery of, "Sergeant" Bergdahl.
     Fourth, it was known that the Presidency was flailing about, searching for any straw in the wind that could be used to justify the advance of the objective of emptying out Guantanamo Bay's terrorist detention facility.
     Fifth, the manoeuver of releasing such prisoners in any military style exchange, at that level, require Congressional participation, and none was requested nor given.   Further, Congressional members in neither the Upper House nor Lower were approached or informed of the intention of the White House to make this illegal exchange. 
    So, after all the above, an exchange was made, delivering "Sergeant" Bergdahl back into the hands of the American military.  It is understood that as much as two to five million dollars may have been paid from un-known sources to the terrorists who had held the "Sergeant" for several years.
     Particularly telling is that the president of the United States went out of his way to have the parents of the deserter - collaborator come to the White House, go before the national and international press, with the president, and send a message more to "Sergeant" Bergdahl than to America.   The father went into an incoherent blather about extraneous issues finally ending with a blurb in Arabic that made certain that Bergdahl's parents were grateful, not to America, but to Islam and the terrorist captors.  President Barry was very pleased with this, and went back to the inner sanctum with his two friends to plot more ways to degrade the value of America and Americanism.

     Curmudgeons and doubters thought to themselves, "Did we actually see what we just saw?"
      Reasonable people wondered if this action would cause an immediate and unreasonable increase in the price for the possible liberation of other captives, American and other than American.  Why would not the Islamic nut-case terrorist not think, "Wow!  The Gringos really are stupider than a drunk camel.  Five big cheeses for one stinking, retarded, deserting traitor.  They'll give a billion dollars for a female aid-worker."
kayla jean mueller, american female isis hostage
Kayla Jean Mueller

      But there was one problem.  The female American aid-worker was not a Muslim, nor was anyone in her family.  So, she was of a lower order of concern, plus there was nothing really anti-American in her background that would make her more of a sympathetic figure to Valerie Jarrett, or to Michelle Robinson's magic hashtag solution machine.   So, not even a smidgen of a selfie could be wasted on the girl who brought her captivity on to herself, said Barry to himself, as he adjusted the focus on his next selfie.
     It is not just El Gringo Viejo who declares these things to the OROG community and to the Cosmos.  The parents and the brother of Kayla spoke with Barry, and registered the above observations with Barry, apparently without apology or regret or any particular due respects.  The father pointed out, apparently, that the paying and trading out for a scumbag like Bergdahl, essentially for the benefit of his Muslimised, anti-American parents, raised the cost of liberating any and all European and "incorrect" Muslims being held by the sub-human jackals who rape and behead eight year old Arab Christian girls. 

     All of the above is true.  My concern is for the parents and the brother of Kayla.  My next concerns are for the fact that these manoeuvers  were done, accepted, and glossed over by the Obsolete Media, and then disregarded by an electorate that becomes ever less qualified for self-governance.
Governor Walker thanks maintenance workers at the La Crosse rest stop while there to encourage tourism and announce construction of a new rest area.  7/21/14
     It is more important that the Obsolete Media remind us how much Her Antique Bovinity Queen Hillary had to fly, in an airplane no less.  The Obsolete Media has to attack Hizzoner Giuliani for speaking the Truth about Barry, the Nephew of Zietuni and Omar.  And then, since there is nothing of import to report, they have to trundle on to attack Scott Walker because of some truth that was said by an ex-mayor of New York City.   Does this make sense to someone who thinks that a transgendered female can marry his washing machine and an elephant and demand that I call such a thing a family.   Probably so, but it does not make sense to me.  What in the Jumping Jehoshaphat does Scott Walker have to do with what Mayor Giuliani says?

     Could not the Obsolete Press have checked just a bit into the matter of Bergdahl?  Or into any of several score of the high crimes and misdemeanours of this horrid administration?  The answer, of course, is no.  It is an administration of their own creation, and they feel quite certain that it is a perfect administration.  The worse it becomes and the more corrupt is becomes, the more it is worth the defending.  They measure a Democrat Socialist administration not so much even by the socialist bills that they can pass or rules they can impose without authority.   They measure the success of a Democrat administration by how much that administration can get away with in terms of violation of rules and existing law.

     So, we can solve the problem by shipping the entire American and most of the foreign press to Maduro's Brave New World once known as The Venezuelan Disaster Chavez left behind, or maybe to a wondrous magical land like Cristina's Menagerie of Madness once named the Argentine Disaster Peron and Evita left behind.   There are so many places where the American Obsolete Media would be so much happier....imagine....unflushable toilets,  socialised medicine where everybody doesn't receive any service equally, and the wealthy go to Spain, Mexico, France, or the United States for medical attention....ooops...Fidel and Raul already have that under control.
     Finally, we genuinely think the American public would probably support vigorous action against this horrid administration simply by leaking, spilling, and disgorging all the known material that contrasts the treatment of the "sergeant" with the young woman Karla Jean.   It would infuriate the most hardened Democrat who is still remotely sane.
El Gringo Viejo.