Sunday, 22 February 2015

The New Martyrs of Libya added to the Coptic Synaxarium 

New Martyrs of Libya
His Holiness Pope Tawadros II announced the inclusion of the 21 Coptic New Martyrs of Libya in the Synaxarium of the Coptic Orthodox Church today. Every year, they will be commemorated on 8 Amshir in the Coptic calendar, which corresponds to 15 February in the Gregorian calendar, the same day as the Feast of the Presentation of our Lord in the Temple.
Axios, Axios, Axios!
All OROGs will remember that there was one Black man in the group of Martyrs, and one will noticed that he is depicted in the middle of the group of the included in the Coptic Synaxarium.   That is correct in the truest sense, because that was his placement in the group that was senselessly murdered by the ISIS monsters solely because these men would not renounce their Christianity.

Worthy, Worthy, Worthy!