Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Been Here, Done This: Or...Why do country club and big business Republicans choose to be stupid and chicken?

     One of the remarkable things about the big powerful control poobahs of Industry...the veritable magnates...is to see them do really stupid things.   Marrying girls younger than their daughters, for instance.   Another characteristic is settling for a free ticket to the gulag for the pleasure of strutting around for a few years, acting just as if the "high position" was granting control over one's own destiny.
     One brings to mind, always, the German Industrialist class and their Conservative Party buddies in the German Bundestag during the early years of Adolf  Schicklgruber's political dominance.
Adolf Schicklgruber
Yes, Virginia, we know that Schicklgruber's surname was
not Schicklgruber, but it's fun to say, and Schicklgruber
should have been his surname.
So there!

     The thing is, the Conservatives made deals with Adolf and they represented the interests of the potent industrialists who were situated in various parts of Germany, but especially in the Ruhr Valley and the maritime zones.   It would be a deal made in some Teutonic Paradise, with the Capitalists telling Adolf how things would be run, and finally Germany could, after Hindenburg's death, have a modern government, no monarchical traditional bologna, no communists, a disciplined Lutheran / Roman Catholic religious construct (not too demanding), and a scientific community second to none.   Now! They could teach the rest of Europe and whatever else the rest of the Earth was called, a few lessons about production and prosperity.
     Of course, by the time 12 pages of the calendar had been turned, all German industry was busy doing whatever Schicklgruber wanted or demanded.  The Austrian Corporal was off to succeed where the Corciscan Corporal (pictured above - not bad duds for a corporal) had failed.
     And so now we have the problem.  We have the "correct and respectable" Republicans telling us that we must go ahead and bite the bullet this time, just this once.
    If not, and  if we insist on cutting out part of the "homeland security" sham department, there will be another government shutdown.   The press will say bad things about us and the retarded Easter Island  and text-while-you drive communities will gather at their next Gruber & Co. Focus Group and tell the moderator that the Republicans should compromise so that the people don't lose government things and everything.   And the children.
     HELLOOOooooo!!!   The parasitical zombie community and their controllers in the Democrat National Socialist Workers' Party have already played that card....thrice....during this current regime.   The first time if worked, but not as well as is remembered.  The second time it began to unravel due to the notion that the President had to stop visits to the White House by "common" tourists because the Secret Service (?) told him he had to because of "sequestration and budget  gutting. Other things like prohibiting people from taking pictures of Mount Rushmore or visiting War Memorials were obvious blackmail manoeuvres that Valerie Jarrett thought would work, but did not.  In fact the entire clunky, flunky soap-opera backfired.
     Please remember, dear Grand Poobahs of the exclusive Grand Excelsior Country Club and the Magnates of the Corner Office, the Republicans destroyed the Democrats in the past election.  Eric Cantor lost his renomination to his Virginia House  seat.  Maryland has a Republican Governor.....remember?   remember?

     Do we remember that we lost the Presidential in 2012 because Romney would not fight through the last debate tag-match, and because he said he agreed with much of Obama's foreign policy and that he wanted to repeal and REPLACE the Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative?   The foot-washer, and the snake handler, and the right-wing crazy communities suddenly went "Yawn"....and went fishing.  Romney also, essentially stopped campaigning because it was a very nasty business, not suited for the upper crust.
    Simply and finally stated, it would be best to push a vote through on the DHS funding, en toto, minus the provision for the implantation of Obama's amnesty initiative.   Takes some testosterone supplement and do what we sent you all up there to do, McConnell, McCain, etc.   Remember where Christi is running in the preliminary beauty-contests for the Republican nomination.
Thanks for the time and interest.
El Gringo Viejo