Monday, 12 January 2015

They Carve Out Little Areas....and the rot seeps out....and into our children

     The rot of the barbarians is seen as something beautiful by the elites.  It is tolerated and studied.  It is evaluated as inspired and forward thinking.  One can remember the statement by Nancy Pelosi when she intoned, "....these young people (the Occupy Wall Streeters) are doing God's work..".   We might have told Mrs. Pelosi that she might have been using or taking the Lord's generic name in vain.
     The foot-holds that the barely functionally deranged gain within the ranks of the normal settle in and begin the steady degradation of the normalcy by seducing their young away from reason by the repetition of nice sounding platitudes;  We are all the same basically.   Children and animals have rights just like anybody, don't you agree?  It is all seductive quicksand and quickmud.

     But, asking the Cosmos,  El Gringo Viejo wants to know, why does the national and international press not tell the whole story about the Iguala, Guerrero, Mexico matter?   A ball of deranged leftist hypocrites sets about robbing the treasury, setting up totally falsely-founded "Government Normal Schools", establish a locally corrupt and mafia-formatted police force, and fall upon each other in such ways so as to make the Roman Senate look like a support group for PTSD people.
     The matter has been pointed out as something that represents Mexican governmental dysfunction, while at the same time not pointing out that the area has been essentially dysfunctional since the time before the Spanish arrived.
     Now enters one of the very most wealthy men in the world.  He is worth, directly and indirectly, up to 100,000,000,000 (one hundred billion) USD.   Carlos Slim, according to all who know him, is a nice guy....Sam Waltonesque...really rich...acts humbly and sincerely....and in El Gringo Viejo's 0pinion, methinks it true.
     Carlos has also always been a flack for the PRI (Mexico's long-time centre-left, paternalistic semi-socialist dominate party until very recently).   When he was a common, pretty much self-made millionaire he befriended and was befriended by the better angels of Carlos Salinas de Gortari, who became a surprise conservative reformer after his election to the presidency of Mexico as a moderate leftist to counter-balance his predecessor, the conservative Miquel de la Madrid Hurtado.
Carlos Slim
Carlos Slim Helu
2nd generation Mexican of Lebanese extraction
and calculated to be the richest man in the world
by various analysts.
     As Carlos edged further to the right, he proposed and put into effect
legislation before Congress that would essentially privatise the government telephone monopoly, Telefonos de Mexico.   The company was owned 75% by the Mexican people (re: government), 15% by Southwest Bell Telephone of Texas (USA), and Alcatel, a French concern that was and is respected as a technology innovator.
     The legislation was passed by the Congress and the President signed and put into motion, rapidly, the sale to any and all bidders of the Mexican portion of the shares of stock in Telefonos.   One bidder won, and was awarded essentially 2 billion USD in Telefonos stock.  As days went by, the monopoly moved ahead with better service, modernisation measures, and essentially brought the operation into the real world of communication.  The stock soared, with heavy buying pressure of TELMEX adr's, especially from the United States private sector.
     During all this time, Carlos Slim made the same kind of decisions....conservative, almost in public, and truly wise...that launched not only prosperity and real alternatives, but also of interest, competition for the burgeoning Mexican market.

    Enter the last three year episode of roiling and boiling  violence, literally under the radar of the international press.  That entity was more concerned about "drug cartels" and racism and American imperialism and generally evil construct.  The issues surrounding the political and cultural collapse of Chilpancingo, Iguala, and almost everything about the State of Guerrero save for Acapulco and a very few and far between beach spots on the Pacific.
     Almost 240,000 children, by this observer's estimate, are being "taught" in primary schools where they learn little more than Marxism and anti-Americanism.  They also learn hatred for the bourgeoisie of Mexico....and anything associated with private property and wealth among private individuals, no matter how small that amount might be.  With the probable deaths of 43 "students" from one of the "Normal Colleges". accomplished by people within the same corruption orbit, all nature of blame was placed at the feet of the present President of Mexico.  He had nothing to do with any of it....but the press and the left have whipped up such a dither among the "intellectual left" and the "marginalised", that finally Carlos Slim enters the picture.
     His solution?   It's the dream of every Sharpton-type thug and shake-down artiste.  Carlos Slim has been offering and most of the parents accepting (all whom have been contacted by this point) what is reported to be either 250,000 or 500,000 Mexican pesos per child thought to be "not returning".   For all the wailing, moaning, and gnashing of teeth, and tearing of clothes while sitting in the ashes....the parents were willing to desecrate the memory and honour of their children for a few pieces of silver.   All of that silver will be spent in drunkenness and other forms of debauchery before two years is out.
     What is not blotted up from the bottom of a bottle or spent on public women will be extorted by the pseudo-professors of the pseudo-Normal school.

     And it might even buy a little time for Pen~a Nieto to continue on with his privatisation initiatives. 
     Going on with the rot.   We have this continuing thing of a president of the United States of America refusing to govern and to simply and only campaign.   Refusing to govern...and only campaign.   His refusal to say the following says volumes; "We must admit that of all the Abrahamic Religions, presently only Ishmaelites have a huge portion openly dedicated to murder of innocents, of homosexuals, of accused adulteresses, of Jews and Judaism, of Christians and Christianity, and of non-believers.  This way of thought was antiquated long ago.  It has been employed at various times and various places, but nowhere and at no time as severely as what we now endure."
   Father Obamaham could even have revealed to the low information voters and followers of the Church of Global Climate Warming and Cooling and Staying the Same, that only the Communist / Socialist movements in their various combinations have killed more.   This is very true,  especially as a percentage of the living population at the time of the killing.
   One wonders how  Stalin, Ho, Pot, Mao, Hitler, Castro, and the like....could rack up 100,000,000 of their own and other nationalities in such a short time?  But of course it was their wars, pogroms, collectivisation, final solutions, purification,   intrigues....all fun and games for commies and their brothers and cousins.
     But, alas and aleck!!  Barry the Boy Wonder suddenly proposes another "free goody" to the class of deserving victims who have not yet won the lottery.  As he went out and ordered a change to existing legislation by demanding that reverse-transgender-sexual dis-assignment regulation and modification procedures must be included in any insurance programmes authorised by the Central Government and Supreme Authority.  And that free add-on is applicable for children under the age of 225 living at home with their parents.....for free.
     Now comes "free junior and community college" for extraterrestrials and Sequoia Trees that are left-handed and everyone who can keep a C+ average.   Can El Gringo return to the Cliff overlooking the Sacred Canyon of the Yahoodi Tribe of Zoobadoonga and ask the Great Spirit, "Oh! Great Spirit, who will Pay for this new, beneficent programme?"  The government of Kenya?  Aunt Zietuni? Pocahontas Warren? Speak to us, Oh! Great Spirit of the Zoobadoonga."
     Will the money appear in the hoodies all hung on the 409 square inch flat-TV with care, in hopes that the Kwanza Bunny will soon be there?
Sheesh.  Perhaps Common Core will solve all the problems.  Jeb and Mitt and (Sir Edmund)Hillary and Huckabee all agree that we need the indoctrination system so as to make everyone more equal.  Perhaps that is the solution.
More coming to-night and to-morrow.
El Gringo Viejo