Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Please review that last few days of submissions from El Zorro and your humble servant, We head South To-morrow


      We should be arriving down at our little mud hut in front of the Sierra Madre Oriental sometime around noon to-morrow.   Alvaro will be waiting impatiently because he wants to go down to his other stomping grounds in Xicotencatl, in the further southern part of the State. but he will call in nine days, perhaps ten, wondering if I have any problems or projects that need doing.   We give him a three weeks off or a month if he wishes, but he is a genuine workaholic and he has long since bonded with the Quinta Tesoro de la Sierra Madre.

     Rumour and evidence also point to the reasonable chance to have a restoration of our lazy pace of steady business that would really be rewarding for everybody concerned, including El Gringo Viejo.  We anticipate at least a courtesy visit from the return of the motorcycle group, absent for the past three and a half years.  There are other things percolating as well that might mean brushing up on my wardrobe and birding manuals.

     One thing that we could not do on this trip up to Texas is the finding of a re-circulating pump for a project we want to do.  We would like to put in a Japanese style, rough rock birdbath with continuously circulating water, dripping through the day.   But the best such pump that we could find was made for re-circulating 40 gallons per hour.   We need something that might re-circulate 40 gallons per year.   So we shall probably just build the rock part and elevate the huge terra cotta tray and continue to refill and clean it on a continuing basis, by hand.  Sometime soon, we should find a reasonable re-circulating pump and run the electrical and water lines to the tray.   The electrical wire and the conduits and piping we already have on hand.

     We are going to make every effort to get up off our duffs and go to the Estacion de Santa Engracia to make a few entries this time.  It is just that we are sooooooo Lazy!!  And the projects started in the morning lead quickly to sunset.   Please bear with us.

El Gringo Viejo