Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Just being a grumpy old man.....

    If Jos. A. Banks thinks that El Gringo Viejo thinks that by buying one suit for 250.00 USD that somehow I will receive three FREE!!, then Mr. Banks is a fool for not being able to perceive that I am not a fool.   If this is the pricing technique of Jos. A. Banks or whatever his name is, then apparently he is over-pricing his product.   It is time to look into the marketing and mercadotecnica divisions of the company.
    Anything that is included for "free" is not free if something must be purchased in order to access the supposedly "free" thing(s).   This is clear evidence of the American public being dumbed down to the point that critical thinking is a function of an ever decreasing cohort of the population.

     This is a fact that carries over into the body politic.   The general body is still capable of succumbing to the notion that the Obsolete Press should be in charge of "helping" us narrow down the selections we might have for election contests.  We noticed how the Democrats howled and rolled on the ground laughing at the "hopelessly out of her league" Witch of Delaware back in 2010.  We remember when even the "correct class" of Republicans were quick to point out that she had "IRS problems" and that she was "not ready for prime time".   So, the people elected a dolt who needs an alarm clock to ring so that he can remember to breathe.....who is a Democrat, of course.

    Now we are being told that Jeb Bush is a "real conservative" and that (Sir Edmund) Hillary is a "moderate" who is connected to the Wall Street Moneypeople.   That's it!!  Let's move on.
    One tired in early 2007, after listening to Barry Soetoro string together a 26 minute assembly of focus group phrases, aimed at reality show patrons and single women aged 19 to 31 who had been told from their earliest days that they were and are "equal".  (Sir Edmund) Hillary had been doing that for 40 years, already, steadily lying her way into every known blind alley and having the Obsolete Press explain the lies and dead bodies and Billy Blunders away as if they were something that just happens.

     The idea that (Sir Edmund) Hillary is a "moderate" (whatever that means) flies in the face of the known facts that she was, is, and always has been a strike-force, anti-American, marxist.   The idea that Jeb Bush is a "conservative" would mean that we would have to believe as well that GHW Bush and GW Bush were also conservatives.   The fact is that all three were and are a form of progressive;   each is a big-government advocate, and each believes that we can apply certain basic business techniques and somehow solve the problems that the New Deal, Square Deal, New Frontier, and Great Society programmes gave us.  To wit:

      Multigenerational welfare dependency.  Total life-subsidy for people aged 17 - 60 for housing, food, medical intervention, electricity, telephone, kindergarten, amounting now to about one third of the population.   The driving out of any Cosmic Supreme Being's presence from the public forum.  The establishment of ever increasing numbers of agencies, bureaus, secretariats of various pointless portfolios.  The subjugation of any local or State prerogatives to central government's demands, regulations, and guidelines.   The "conservative" George W. Bush gave us Chief Justice Mr. Liberal Mayonnaise and PharmaGeezer....AARP endorsed!!

     We have the choice of focus groups.   The first is Dolts who Drool and regurgitate Peter Jennings phrases as though they are original and profound thought.   They are the average, normal Democrat voters.
    The second is another group of informal focus groupers who sit around in the pleasant precincts of the 19th Hole Saloon at the correct El Snootzy Country Club and talk about being fiscally conservative and "reasonable" about social issues.  Of course, they are neither fiscally conservative nor "reasonable" about social issues.

For use in case of
nomination of  "sure-
fire moderate" GOP
Presidential Candidates.
     The guys at the 19th Hole Saloon nod wisely and hone in on that old standby...."We need someone who can appeal to the moderates, because we can't be too far to the left or too far to the Extreme Right   If we don't carry the independents the Democrat base will eat our lunch."
    They nod wisely again and recall the good old days when a piece of white-trash from Arkansas defeated a seated President who had just won and war and had a rebounding economic outlook in 1992.  But of course, that was corrected when another moderate Republican, a war hero, lost when a proven liar and very self-indulgent low-life, anti-military, pro-communist, draft dodger ran against him in 1996.   Those who nominated Senator Dole were inspired by the Whip-Inflation-Now (WIN) buttons that President Gerald Ford, a famous extreme moderate, lost in 1976 to a real dumbo liberal, James Earl Carter, by trying to be a better liberal than James Earl Carter.  For some reason, a lot of Republican voters had to restring their tennis raquets on election day.  Others had to Brasso the doorknobs in the basement.  Others forgot to vote.   Others said things that cannot be published in this family-oriented blog-site.

Fort Marcy Park
     After about the third round of martinis and the usual agreement about how "we have to pass a path to citizenship for the illegal aliens or we'll lose the Hispanic vote for sure,"  there is a lull.  Silence embroideries the echoes of the conversation.   Finally, one of the Wise Ones of the 19th Hole Saloon of the El Snootsy Country Club.....all of them from Ivy League schools and fraternities and exclusive clubs like the Cross-dressing Skulls and Boney-Maroney Klavern are thinking.  "Buy one suit and get three more free.  Have you guys ever thought about that?"
     "Yeah, now that you think about it, it really doesn't make any sense.  Something's wrong with their pricing system"
     "Yeah, like the only time our guys win is when they follow Ronald Reagan's two terms, or when one of us campaigns like a right-wing crazy, Tea Party nutter."

      Silence returns to the darkened 19th Hole Saloon.  Scowls abound.  Finally one guy says, ".....then we really do think Vince Foster didn't commit suicide, but we just can't say what we think and still be moderates. Right?"
Thanks as always for your time and interest.   More to-morrow and then the day after to-morrow, we shall be heading South in the cold rain.
El Gringo Viejo