Monday, 29 December 2014

Stunning Image from the Past - Even Afghanistan "could have been".

    El Zorro, or Tech Sergeant Hathorn, USAF retired, combat veteran, Viet Nam,  two tours, and therefore a qualified commentator on any forum, but especially this one has uncovered what is a veritable trove of quiet photographs that speak their 1,000 words and more.  Some were posted yesterday, and a couple had trouble changing from one place to another.  Little problem.  Here are a couple more, perhaps even a bit more salient.  To wit:
Pre-Taliban days in Afghanistan when women enjoyed professional careers,
university education, etc… By mid-90s, the Taliban outlawed employment
and education of women over the age of 8.
Comments by Westerners about the women and people in general
in Afghanistan and Persia (Iran) was about their comeliness and
native intelligence.   That was back in the 1940s and 1950s.
  We've come a long way, baby? 

Fidel Castro and Malcolm X  -  1960

Fidel's expression seems to speak of a possibility that he
was just another dufus, stoned on marijuana.  Malcolm
Little, aka: EL Hajj Malik El Shabazz, or Malcolm X to
his friends, seems puzzled by the White Devil.  It seems
 that he can speak English, after all.   Malcolm X was also
just a regular grand-dad.  His grandson burned down
Malcolm X's widow's house, with her eventually dying
of her injuries after three weeks in a coma.  That boy
was later murdered in a row between homosexual gangs
in Mexico City, where the boy was living.  No body came
to recover his body...until finally the Mexican central
government found an aunt who would take it in New
York City, at the family's estate.  Just a bunch of
regular folks....a murderous dictator and a deranged
"muslim" leader mired in murder and all sorts of
violence.  Duck Dynasty, but different in a way?