Tuesday, 13 January 2015

They Carve Out Little Areas....and the rot seeps out....and into our children - II


     Continuing in the same vein as yesterday's posting, we look upon the great landfill of human history.....the massive government programming....the Five Year Plans, the collectivisation of Russian agricultural, the ejidofication of Mexican agriculture, the Great Leaps Forward, the Re-education Camps, Free Public Health Service, the Dole, the Unemployment Compensation, the concept of "paid leave", Social Security, "paid vacation", expressions such as, ".....and this is a free service, brought to you by the Ad Council, the American Association of Retired Persons and the Department of Health and Human Services."
     Madness.   Madness and rot.  It continues along the deep channels of the flow of cultural sludge that have carved grand canyons in to the soul of the body politic.

     The New York Times had a recent article that examined the tension between Jeb Bush and  Mitt Romney.   It substantially devolved into an analysis of the metamorphosis of Jeb Bush from a liberal Republican Country Club "regular fella'" into a progressive, more sophisticated thinker who understands now that the proletariat must be controlled every minute, hour, day, week, month, and for all the years of their miserable, stupid little insignificant lives.  For their own good of course.

     More of the rot is the zombie-like group-think hatred the elite, proper, and superior Republicans have for people like Ted Cruz.  They seem to be saying something akin to, "The nerve of any elected Republican to run on a certain platform and body of commitments and then to actually comply with his promises."
     We can and should always expect Democrats to lie.  We know that almost all Democrats are irrational, illogical, and schizophrenic.   But, should there not be a beacon...a lighthouse on the rocky coastline...in the form of a straightforward elected person's compliance with his publicly stated intentions?   Would such deportment serve to reinforce  the notion among the electorate that there is at least some honour and compliance still in existence?

     Rot is the act of proposing to have "tax reform" by adjusting the rate of taxation of productive people and of businesses, and "paying for it" by imposing fees, adjustments, and expense deduction prohibitions that essentially leave the citizen and the business where they were at the beginning of the bargaining session.   What is the point?   Is this kind of compromise what the people are clamouring for?  Pointless wheel-spinning?

     We watch this business about the assault on the French sensibility by the Moslem radical terrorists.   Fox News spends hours damning Obama because Obama will not call Moslem radical terrorists, Moslem radical terrorists.  Almost all other television news operations call them everything from "activists" to "extremists" to "freedom fighters"....depending on the analyst speaking.   The point is, it is all gibberish.  It is all rot.
     The French and the other Europeans invited the Moslems upon themselves.  They knew that the Moslems were an inferior group.  At least that is the way almost all Europeans regarded the Moslems...whether Algerian, Libyan and the other colonials or commonwealth people, or the ghastly Turks.   My opinion of the Mohammedans is not important.   What we describe here is the general opinion that the average European had, has, and will continue to have about the people who are Moslems or who come from Islam-dominant areas. 
     The Mohammedans came into the European area mainly during the period of the recovery and industrial re-establishment of European business shortly after World War II.  Falling birth rates, typical among socialist, previously Christian Europe created labour shortages.  In the Islamic regions there was very little produced beyond oil and babies.   So as water seeks its own level, the populations seek balance, employment, labour, and a place to live and make a living.   We finally arrived at the point where, like in France, Muslims were found to be living in the socialist little boxes housing projects;  isolated, angry, mean, relegated to the lower level that the European expected them to accept.
     Because of their own indolence, rapid adaptation to life on the socialist dole, including "free housing", unemployment compensation, "free" walking around money, and abundant criminal and corruption opportunities, the Muslims prospered in their poverty.    They would  practice a form of recreation and celebration of their holidays by burning up garbage bins and automobiles and rioting occasionally.  They would actively avoid assimilation because of their hatred for their hosts, as would their hosts despise the indolence and filth of their guests.   It was a match made in socialist and Muslim heaven, or hell, depending upon one's point of view.

     Then comes the assaults by the Moslem cold-blooded murderers, extracting a bit of satisfaction for having been subjected to being despised and suspected of being soulless, indolent criminals and murderers.   Part of it is reprisal for the Europeans thinking that Islam is a pseudo-religion that preaches hate, murder, thieving, brutality against women and girls, and that requires its members to steal, murder, and practice sloth and live in filth.   A marriage made in Hell and expressed by gross depictions of the Great Prophet of that religion and the gross deportment of the member of the members of that Great Prophet's religion.
     It is all rot.   The Europeans are rot.   Even after the senseless murders and the Great March of Solidarity in Paris the day before yesterday, Germany's Merkel returns to Germany to lecture the skin-head Nazis and other more reasonable Germans that they are terrible people for thinking that the Muslims are bad people.  She declares that people in her own Conservative Party make her ashamed of her own party...shame, shame, shame.
Roger Ailes, June 2013.jpg
Roger Ailes
President - CEO
FOX News
     Such is the schizophrenia among the pseudo-conservatives....who truly are simply a weaker group of socialists.  But the entire body politic of France, Germany, Poland, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Hungary and most of the European Economic Community are that way....they hate and despise the Muslims and the Jews....it is just what they do....hate Jews...and when they run out of Jews, they hate Muslims....sometimes there are enough of both that they can hate both of them at the same time.   Failing that, they hate Americans.
     It is all rot.

Image result for Image - Herman Munster
Herman Munster
Secretary of State
United States of Whatever
FOX News spends 30 hours per day during the past two days pointing out that Mohamma bin Bama did not go to Paris to "march in solidarity" with the people of Paris and France...not Barry, not Good Ole Joe Biden, not Michelle, not the Great Counsellor Eric (the Red) Holder, who was there, but not really "there", nor even Hermann Munster the Vietnam Veteran who speaks French.
     What did they expect?  Has Roger Ailes ever allowed his news crew to point out anything about Barry's Auntie Zietuni (RIP) and Uncle Omar living on the taxpayers' dime for a total of 40 years in Massachusetts?   Has FOX News ever pointed out that Jeremiah Wright notwithstanding, Barry's best man at his wedding was his half-brother....an Egypto-Kenyan, extreme radical Muslim Imam, essentially a chaplain in service to the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood.  It gets worse...but why try?   The simple point is, expressing solidarity to France about something like a little bit of mass murder by people who had legitimate grievances is not one of Barry's strong suits.
     Now, if there had been a cutie-pie, blond prime-ministress there in the Solidarity March of Pointlessness to play "Let's do Selfies While Michelle Scowls" , then Barry might have foregone the NFL Playoffs being aired right then.  Remember one of Barry's great quotes, "I don't do photo-ops".

It is all rot.   Putrid decay.  The final fruits of Progressive governance and priorities leading us finally to the Brave New World, next door to the Planet of the Apes....over there by the Soylent Green Factory.

Thanks for your time and patience.  It is a bit too much to handle during these times to just sit back and remain sane.   Moderates.....Sheeeesh!
El Gringo Viejo