Friday, 30 January 2015

The Porridge Boils

     The news of Mitt Romney's very early departure from the "pack of possibles" is not entirely un-anticipated.  His machinations appeared to this observer as something like trying to strike matches on a wet matchbox.
Will the Elephant finally charge and
take what is his?
      It is difficult to base much of an attack when commanding an army who soldiers say, "Our general is really a nice guy."   Almost everyone agreed that Mitt is an awfully nice guy who drew a clod for an opponent in the last Presidential.   This writer extracted the impression that Romney could not believe that he would have to face an opponent who, for all practical purposes, has no soul.
     Hard medicine for a Mormon.

      It was of interest to really study this event (the withdrawal from candidacy), distilling  and centrifuging the words and trying to find out if we had brandy, whisky, rum, tequila,  or just a hang-over.   Romney's observation is perhaps salient;  that it is time someone with "new-car fragrance" should come to the fore and lead the Elephant stampede to better and greater victories.
     That observation also throws cold water on the notion that Romney and Bush flipped a coin to determine who would represent the "adult" Republicans and lead the party to another dull, moderate, daddy-socialist loss on election day.   Romney's parting words actually seem to point to the younger group of firebrands and ideological right-wingers.

   There is a batch of them, many with Executive experience as governors.   Jindal, Walker, Rubio was Speaker of the Florida House when he was 12 years old.   For dark horses, (no puns, please) we have Martinez, Haley, and Saldana who could serve well, especially as ticket balance.  This is not to mention other favourites, of mine and many, like Carson, West, and of course, Ted Cruz.

     It is amazing how the party of no inclusion has a horde of attractive, conservative / hard-case conservative "minority" - type full-blown qualified personnel available to postulate for the presidency and/or vice-presidency.


     The Democrat National Socialist Workers' Party has the frumpy patrol:  (Sir Edmund) Hillary, Pocahontas Warren, the significantly mentally-challenged Biden, and a Mr. Webb who is going to take over the Democrat Party "from the right".   Frumps, lumps, grumps, and hypocrites.  Oh, excuse me, they also have the estimable Al Sharpton, the "Soul of America" and close advisor to the present holder of the office of the Presidency.  Of this composition of intellectual and moral debris, one non-biodegradable item keeps surfacing at the treatment plant.  It seems to be totally resistant to reconstitution, and so she has decided to not even campaign for the Democrat nomination, awaiting a coronation instead.

HRH(Sir Edmund) Hillary I
 practicing her first Royal Decree:

   "We deign that, From henceforth forward,
 it is our order and pleasure to replace the motto
 of the currency of the Queendom, changing from
 "In Whatever We Trust" to

     Just think about what those progressive and "caring" people have done for the Republic, for the women, for the minorities, for the polar bears, the geezerhood, and of course, for the children and for all the young black men who are always being shot all the time by all the white cops all the time, along with the New LGBT, and CCCP conmunities, (I think that these groups are the Lettuce, Gouda, Bacon, and Tomatoe people, and the Crony Capitalists, Crooks, and  Parasites - it is hard to keep them all straight, in a manner of speaking).

     So, we shall now be given the free entertainment from the Obsolete Press, watching the "reporters'' lug the Her Highness around in a wheel-barrow from one ultra-control-freak controlled environment to the next, reciting dutifully her pronunciamentos and sage absurdities.   With luck, the American Focus Group Society will come out of its self-imposed mental-process suspension and turn ever so slightly to the Right sometime just before election day, November, 2016.

More Later, and remember that we appreciate everyone's time and attention.
El Gringo Viejo