Saturday, 31 January 2015

El Zorro Contemplates the Boiling Porridge.....


Time does not support this idea but there is a scenario that one could ponder.  Just for fun imagine this: 
Picture - A scene from A Midsummer Night's Dream      In the circumstance that either of the obstreperous old biddies on the left, or any of their ilk including the phony Jim Webb, should become the next President;  The timeline notwithstanding, Ted Cruz runs for Texas’ Governor and wins.  Think of the position Texas is in.  If Texas becomes so fed up and gathers the fortitude to secede, Cruz becomes President (of Texas).  If Texas does not secede, Cruz becomes President (of the U.S.) with gobs of experience.

     Secession is very unlikely even though I would support it, but then this is my fantasy.  In my humble opinion, Ted is more qualified than the rest of the field as a Senator but having been a governor would be a credential difficult to ignore for a Presidential run.  Again, the timeline is an issue because Gregg Abbot will be Texas Governor beyond 2016 and likely will win a second term if he does not barf in his mess kit.
     Silly idea but sometimes this nature of daydream pops out of my grey matter.  Speaking of which, we would like to see TC pop out of the pack to take the nomination and win in 2016.  He is the best choice with no clear second.
    The field is strong with the likes of Mike Lee, Scott Walker, Bobby Jindal, Mario Rubio, Allen West, Rand Paul (maybe) in that order and a few others excluding Jeb, Christi, Graham, and Huckabee.  I like Dr. Carson but he will have to prove it to me. I also like Rick Perry but I do not feel he is up to the campaign… again.  If he is good enough to get the nomination I would worry about the general.  He tends to stumble and he is somewhat damaged from 2012.
It is too early to get excited but these are how I see it at this point no matter how improbable it may seem. 
Cruz for President!


     It is nearly impossible for the folks on the edges of the Republic to stop and think long enough why anyone would support the candidacy of a person who is obviously a dangerous, radical extremist.
     Reasonable people who know the difference between a secular humanist, organic law democracy and a Common Law, Republic, governed by the rules of Natural Law and obeisance to time proven moral, admire, and support people such as Ted Cruz.  The "fantasia" described by El Zorro is not an uncommon condition that affects many who have tired of the demagoguery,
deception, obfuscation, and blatant criminality of the gaggle of vermin who have contaminated the "executive branch" of the central government for the past few years.

     We really long for the time that we shall not have to vote for things being processed in the Congress of the Republic in order to find out what is written in the proposition.   And the left thinks we are crazy....?
     Cruz for President sounds better every day.
El Gringo Viejo....  

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