Thursday, 29 January 2015

Dysfunction and Mendacity....The White House will have to be decontaminated

Don Quixote with Sancho and the wasted mounts
 after the attack on the Windmill

(1)          We are working on the Fast and Furious matter and will be able to have a better understanding and a more complete report ready for Congress in the very near future.
(2)           Remember that the Fast and Furious Programme was inherited by us from the previous Administration
(3)           We need to get rid of Mubarak because he is a corrupt brute.  The Muslim Brotherhood has a proven record of popular acceptance and efficient administration.
(4)           We need to get rid of Kaddafi because he is a brute.  We will help a democratic government to establish itself there once he is gone.
(5)            The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant is a silly little group of thugs who are something akin to a junior varsity team.
(6)           We are never going to "arm" radical elements in Syria such as ISIL with weapons from Libya's stockpiles.  That will never happen on our watch.
(7)           We shall draw a line in the sand against Assad's regime, and he will regret crossing it.
(8)           We shall dedicate this 1,000,000,000,000 dollars to shovel-ready jobs, and overhaul the infrastructure of America that has been neglected for eight years.
(9)            Spain's unemployment has been reduced to nearly nothing by investing in ''renewable energy" like wind and solar.   (?)
       The truth is that youth unemployment in the southern half of Spain has fallen all the way up to 73%.   It has, with no humour, increased nationwide for all sectors, especially dating from the "big push" for energy renewables.  There are six provinces that have between 34 and 43 per cent unemployment, as one can discern in the real, live "fuzzy figures" to the left of the map of Spain.  

      Map of unemployment by province. Unemployment is a big problem in the south and west of Spain, especially in the least industrialized zones, 2014.   Windmills and sunlight had some kind of impact on unemployment by introducing the interconvulate retrogerablic factor over the socio-chronographic invervivision factor to all unemployed people who have been dead for more than three years and less than 50 years, except for Muslims and  Scotsmen living in the southern half of northeastern Western Spain.
     At some later date, we shall study other magnificent mendacities foisted upon the Focus Group Citizenry who are celebrating still the fact that "......and if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor...and if you like your insurance can keep your insurance plan.....period."
El Gringo Viejo