Tuesday, 27 January 2015

So much out of focus

     We state with a bit of humility, and we have at least one wife who can bear witness to the accuracy of the following declaration, we surmised yesterday morning that any snowfall of 36 inches falling in Central Park of New York City would have to be from the blowing dandruff of the mayor of the city, with the help of Al Sharpton's breath condensation.
    It is all the urgent need for intellectual slummers like (Sir Edmund) Hillary and AlGore and George Soros and their little lackey-slaves like Barry Soetoro and Valerie Jarrett to control every second of every life in every country on the Planet.
   Which, since the hip-bone is connected to the thigh bone, means that it is necessary to have a body politic that cannot differentiate between the War Between the States and horseradish.   Common Core?   No child left behind?   Take in the image of a common core of ignorance and enforced stupidity, with extra helpings of procto-urological fixations and foul-mouthed profanity among the student body.  Fold in a teaching corps that is "professional" instead of "called by a higher authority". 
    Imagine then, high school graduates who can barely perform at a seventh grade level (now ), who will be celebrating that they are performing at a third grade level within the next five years.   We shall measure success by how many "students" were fed, and what the average daily attendance for the year was.   Perhaps there will be given extra credit for beating up a teacher.   We cannot comprehend the sloth and degeneracy found in public schools to-day, although there are a few who will excel, in comparison.   Those who "excel" by graduating from University without being able to differentiate the continents of South America and Africa have become the norm.
    The incessant reference to "Superstorm Sandy, easily the worst hurricane in the history of America"....when in fact it was a plain and simple Category 1 hurricane, poorly prepared for and misdiagnosed almost every step of the way.   What made the hurricane as bad as it was?  Bureaucracy, corruption, and an unwillingness to prepare on the part of the populace so as to defend itself.
    It was exactly like New Orleans, whose Gomorrah-like nature brought ruin upon the city, not the strength of a category 1 storm.  A now adjudged and imprisoned mayor, a stupid and insipid Governor, a worthless police department (in the main), a school system that is just as stupid, lazy, and self-centre'd  as the populace, a police department that broke and ran (a majority), while entire trains waited at the station to take refugees to safety, but nobody came.....the rail passenger cars sat empty.

The nouveaux Zombie intellectual class

    One tires of it.  There is no abnormal meteorological activity that can be traced to any Global warming, Global cooling, Climate change, nothin', naught, nix, nada, zed, zilch.   It is all a design meant to transfer money to the hands of people the likes of which compose the General Assembly of the United Nations.  Those hands, of course, immediately put their money into the banks that are controlled by National Socialists who pay Obama to give them money to build Solyndra solar panels....because of Global Warming-Cooling-Climate Change.   It is a wondrous game called "Look at the Emperor's elegant raiment!"
     And an ever duller, ever more ignorant, ever more self-absorbed populace falls in line.  Ya basta!
El Gringo Viejo