Friday, 21 November 2014

"We wanted more" - Jorge Ramos


We are given go understand that Jorge Ramos demands more. 
     Jorge is described as being the number 2 most popular person among Hispanics in the United States. I doubt that, quite sincerely, and also suggest that the definition of popularity and Hispanic could take up the better part of several year's engagement.
      The one thing that is known is that Jorge is a marxist facilitator. During the last rounds of the Presidential campaign of 2012, Obama appeared on a Univision programme with Jorge and a nice lady, fellow marxist reporterette, looking very professional, of course. Jorge, also of course, is a racist who sees everything through the microscope that reveals all "Hispanics" being as being victims of a capitalist Anglo-American-Jew conspiracy, and through the telescope that shows marxist thugs and frauds such as Obama, Hugo Chavez, Carolina Fernandez de Kirchner, and the Castro clowns to be heroic, larger-than-Rushmore Titans of Purpose for the Poor.
      Ramos did his duty by serving as the straight man for his fellow marxist fraud. He asked Obama about "Fast and Furious", and before he could finish the question, Obama high-handed the "moderator" and said something to the effect that ...."I didn't know anything about that when i came into office. It was a Bush Administration programme, and as soon as I found out about it, I ordered it closed down." Jorge Ramos and his reporterette assistant sat like bumps on a log, nodded, and went on to the next softball.
      So, want more?? Do you really want more?? Here is more. You are a liar. You knew the truth and what a truthful answer would sound like. You heard a blatant lie, and sacrificed your duty as a reporter, as usual, to follow the old tired, ethnically bigoted, marxist inspired path you have always followed...hypocrite though you are. You live in Miami because you tired of hanging around a place that is full of Mexicans. Typical marxist, arrogant hypocrisy.
      You knew that the Bush-era programme was called "Wide-Receiver" and that it was closely co-ordinated with the Mexican Army. You know that the Army and the US DOJ worked effectively in tracking the chipped automatic rifles into serpents' nests of the traffickers. When the Army found out that the chips were discovered, they notified their American counterparts and the moles were dispersed, and the programme was shut down.
      Fast and Furious, on the other hand was established solely for the purpose of feeding American private-type arms into the hands of cartel people with the intention and blatant hope that they would be used in the shooting of American civilians and/or constabulary. This was so as to begin active measures to close down gun sales to private parties such as individual Americans.
     To date over 1,300 Mexicans have been killed or wounded with these weapons (probably more by not);  semi-honest and honest cops, patriotic Mexican soldiers and Naval Infantry, men, women, and children shot down like dogs in the crossfire of, or in combat with, cartel thugs.
  But, Jorge Ramos, you stayed in with your fellow marxist. You sacrificed your feeble remaining credentials so as to back up a fellow hypocrite. And you are a liar, because, knowing the truth, you allowed someone to perpetrate a lie, on your time, on your theatre, and if you will, against "your people". What a pitiable lackey. Backing up Obama and Holder who were laughing up their sleeves about "getting away with" the killing of a bunch of people.   

    But, then again,  who cares?   What difference could it possibly make?    They were just Mexicans who could never really hope to live in Miami, like important people...important liars....important people who can be accessories before, during, and after the fact to multiple charges of murder, aggravated manslaughter, perjury....just for starters:  You, Jorge!  And Obama, Holder, much of the ranking ATF AND E and most the of Obsolete Press.
You want more, Jorge....try being a man...not a lapdog.
Thanks for your time and interest, as always.
El Gringo Viejo