Friday, 21 November 2014

Shots fired from all sides - Quick commentaries - worth the read!!

(1)    One might notice that Downtown Mexico City is in an uproar with Occupy Wall Street-type nihilists, anarchists, and communists demonstrating with total ardour about the fate of 43 "students who went missing" near Iguala de la Independencia, Guerrero, Mexicoe.  As we pointed out before, the present administration had, has, and will have no blame in any of this.  The entire episode was contained within a viper-pit of very minor-league gang thugs, the aspirations of a marxist sow from the Partido de la Revolucion Democratic (PRD), and a troublesome marxist ''teachers' college" quite near Iquala.
     The entire issue is one totally within that political party and its allies.  The charging of Presidential Palace, and the presidency of Mexico for any of this is the intellectual equivalent of jumping up and down with a pogo-stick inside a domed  stadium  at night with the lights out.  It is pointless.
     In spite of the fact that domestic and foreign forensic experts have established what not even I wished to think happened, it is 99.999999% probably that the "students" who were taken out by the Guerreros Unidos (gang-lackeys of the first lady of Iguala who was preparing to declare her candidacy for the gobernatura of Guerrero the night of the incident), murdered, and then immolated totally into ashes.
     The reaction of the Left in Mexico to this matter is Pelosian at best.  Throughout the Left-Nation of Mexico these disorders have been foisted upon the 80 per cent who do not agree with the demonstrators, and who have tired of having to amend their routines, once again, to give berth to the dangers and irrationality and traffick blockage these deranged marxists and anarchist present.  It is, and smells exactly like, the Occupy Wall Street.

     This narrating voice from the funereal parlour understates matters a bit, and also, in typical CNN style, bends the information so as to leave open the possibility that there might be any involvement in this affair on the part of the President.  And remember, El Gringo Viejo, were he a Mexican, would not be a member of the political party of the President.

(2)     Next, the ridiculous posturing by Barry Soetoro during last night's Jimmy Swaggart moment was enough to puke a buzzard off'n a gut wagon.  Wrong on so many legal and sociological points, at least it was filled with enough brazen lies to give hope to the people who have brought us the following:

                    (a)  Over 100,000 killed by illegal aliens from Mexico and elsewhere in the world since the passage of the last Amnesty in 1986.   DWIs, outright murder, felony manslaughter, and such crimes are associated with the above, understated figure.   The number of Mexicans killed by Americans, almost always living and/or staying long term in Mexico legally?  Fewer than 100, almost all involved in organised drug or human trafficking.
     The number of Americans living full or part time in Mexico? almost 1,000,000,  plus  over 7,000,000 American tourists per year?
      Barry brought us a deepening and widening of this infestation.  Turn-arounds at the border of detained aliens are not deportations.  They are usually same-day or next-day turn-arounds....being taken directly back to a bridge and supervised as they cross back into Mexico.

                   (b)   While always a real sticking point for us, especially in the border States, the issue has become increasingly worse, especially with the arrival of more Central Americans.  The murder, three days ago, of Miss Honduras and her sister by the boyfriend of Miss Honduras who became irate at the fact she was dancing with some guy at a party celebrating her departure to the Miss Universe pageant in London...speaks to the issue.  She was doing "photo-op" dances with a line of boys who wanted a four or five second shot of them with this girl...a very accomplished, somewhat prudish, and attractive girl.
     The violence here along the border, and in the larger cities where these people wind up, has increased two and three-fold in the last five years.  Barry brought us more of this.

                 (c)     While Barry Soetoro says that his proposals will not pertain to people who might not have been here five years ago, vice-president Biden just returned from a trip to Central America where he informed those in attendance that the United States is developing a programme to ferry children to their families in the United States via charter airliners.  This is so as to "....make the un-safe journey more safe for the children"....We just can't make this stuff up.   It was declared a gaffe, but a gaffe it was not.
       We are being set-up for another inundation of Centr0americanos, even to the point that there are rumours of embarcations into rural areas of Vera Cruz State where passengers on small boats will be let off near towns like Tecolutla and Boca de Oveja on the Gulf Coast, so as to avoid the increased immigration and military presence in southern Mexico. 
       We find this very unlikely, but it is the same stuff we heard last Spring before the horribly incorrectly reported stories about the human inundation that was fixing to swarm upon us.  Barry brought us this.
            (d)      If we draw a comparison of the Obama Socialised Medicine Initiatve (OSMI) to the Veterans' Administration debacle, then remember how the Obama government dumped off the illegal alien group from Central America, literally by the bus-load into small towns, out of sight and out of view (they thought).  It is more than enough to give pause about the effectiveness of any further immigration manoeuvres by this disgusting personality who poses as a president.   We still have no idea where thousands of the last batch wound up because fewer than 20% have reported for their immigration status hearings.  Barry brought us this.


(3)     Next, Barry the president repeats frequently, along with his sycophants that the ".....border has never had such a presence of 'boots-on-the-ground'". This lines us directly with the fact that he is not only a certifiable, chronic, pathological liar but also an ignoramus maximus.   One can easily point to the episode during the period from 1911 through around 1921 when massive deployments to the Brownsville - McAllen/Hidalgo/Mission - Rio Grande City  part of the frontier had as many as 110,000 National Guard and Regular Army infantry, mounted infantry, and mounted cavalry deployed.

Caisson with the body of Corporal McBee, killed in
 action at Ojo de Agua during a Carrancista attack of
 the train entering the Lower Rio Grande Valley,a few
miles north of Brownsville, Texas.   From 1903 until
1921 over 300 American soldiers were killed.

A picture of U.S. Army and Illinois National Guard, in
bivouac, preparing for deployment to the Fort Brown,
Brownsville, Texas in 1915.  This one deployment numbered
in excess of 12,000....essentially one division, mixed infantry,
cavalry, and artillery batteries.
Postcard of U. S. cavalry machine gun troop
Water-cooled machine gun platoon c. 1916
Fort Brown, Brownsville, Texas

    And we could go on with hundreds of interesting old pictures, even some that show McAllen and Hidalgo, Texas with a score-thousand of Indiana National Guard infantry units, plus units from the 1st Cavalry, RA camped all throughout what was to become downtown McAllen, Texas.   Several other battalion level cavalry and infantry units  from both the Regular Army and various State's National Guard units came through that area for almost four years.
    My own father served in the 1st Cavalry, 12th Regiment, Headquarter's Squadron from the late 1920s up to 1933.   There was still a very large, mounted  cavalry and considerable infantry presence all along the area from Brownsville to Laredo, Texas.
     So, Barry & Co.  please stop either lying or showing your ignorance about how ".....there has never been a greater deployment of boots-on-the-ground".  You do not know what boots mean, or ground means.  You know very little about much of anything, and understand much less.               _____________________________________________
We shall retire to cool our ire. Thanks to all for you time and patience.
El Gringo Viejo