Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Ferguson, Iguala, Demagogues, Charlatans

     We watched the events of Ferguson, Missouri occur last night, without any sense of surprise, but with a profound sense of sadness.   It seems that the world, but more especially the American Republic has fallen off the rails of reality.

Vehicles at a car dealership are set afire in Ferguson,
 Missouri early morning November 25, 2014

     The fact is, however, that the world has been in worse shape.  Wars, plagues, and all manner of uprisings....Robespierre, Lenin, Hitler.   Smallpox, polio, and fifty per cent child morality.   Women going to childbirth with a twenty per cent chance of mortality by her third child, and such things.
     During these times, our greatest problem does not seem to be, but bluntly, is, the lack of any reasonable catechism....Protestant, Orthodox, Judaic....or at the very least, the studied ethicist.   The lack of catechism, and the second like unto it, the shaping of attitudes replacing the tutelage of knowledge combined in recent years to destroy any justification for ever singing, "God Bless America".
     To-day,  America is bad.  White people are bad.  All white people were bad. All white people will always be bad.  There is no reason to believe in the tooth faery or Santa Clause, we have Holy Days to no purpose beyond the justifying three contiguous days of escaping the salt-mine.  We cancel days that are meant to honour truly great persons, while others who are terribly morally flawed, are adulated by a purposefully ignorant populace.
     We hide from the presence of the Great Cosmic Force, as did Adam and Eve, shamed by our own disobedience, but too prideful to regret it.  So we hide.  We hide behind platitudes.   The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.  There should be bi-partisan agreement to help the middle-class.   We need to invest in our children with better schools.   You only get the quality of teacher that you're willing to pay for.   Everyone is in favour of the safety net for people who really need it.  There is no other entity except for the "Federal Government" that is big enough to deal with "The Problem".
     Of course, the fact is that the "safety net" is the ruin of a nation.  Paying people who have not decided to pay their own way is what the "safety net" has become....long ago.  It only took one and one-half generations for the lethargic to learn that it was easier to let someone else pay the bills.   This was the plan of the Socialist Elitists and Wise Ones like Gruber and Pelosi and the (Sir Edmund) Hillary - types to develop a large army of hopelessly stupid, mean, coarse, indolent, violent and entitled humanoids.   They knew, and as Eleanor Roosevelt had hoped, the establishment of a perpetual underclass that would justify an ever expanding roll for the central government to control each and every act and action of a bulk of citizenry that could ensure re-election of intellectual, elitist socialist politicians.
    The "safety net" encourages the lack of willingness to construct a marriage, by allowing an easy out.   An argument, a money problem, a bad health habit, or any provocation major or minor can quickly end any relationship, allowing usually the male to disappear "somewhere".   The pressure of having to work 30 to 90 hours a week to provide for family is daunting for the morally un-schooled and the intellectually incapable or unprepared.
     Part of this formula for success requires the flooding of the Republic with people who are woefully unqualified for residence in this Republic.  More and more people who arrive with the expectation, as so eloquently stated by the girl in Guatemala, "I want to take my son and daughter.  In the United States they pay people to eat."
     Another part is the seemingly autistic confrontation of the fact that at any given time in any large city, although not so much in the South, the mall or downtown shopping, bars, and restaurant district, hordes of black young people by the scores or hundreds can suddenly appear, steal and/or destroy everything possible in two or three minutes, and then flee.   Response by "leaders" of the "civil rights" community?   An autistic to one side, and some mumbling about..."'s to be spected, siderin what we have to put up with....the police dissin' us, no jobs, scrimination, cut-backs on sential services......".   But Jesse and Al, Barry and Eric, Sheila and Nancy, you all have a problem.   You all made your mark by being lying shysters and demagogues;  tommin' for the po'fokes, essentially.   And after tomming, you all go back to your gated communities so as to avoid the "realities" of life in the 'hood.
     Another unfortunate thing for the "progressives" this time;   there are just too many Black folks who perform at or above normal levels of intelligence, accomplishment, and adaptation to social norms.   Even in this Ferguson debacle, one in which Holder, Sharpton, and Soetoro excelled in their racist, marxist rant, the day was carried by a large number of volunteer witnesses to the Grand Jury who rendered testimony that was verifiable by means of forensic evidence.   Those witnesses, at great risk to themselves, testified as eye-witnesses, and even one or two , because he/ she/they were black.   One man stated that he felt obligated as a black man to come and establish the facts in agreement with what the officer said, in order to vindicate the veracity of the neighbourhood.   All of the Black folks who testified that the officer's  story was accurate and true risked a great deal, because they are obviously surrounded daily by others who have no catechism, no social or academic education, and no compunction about seriously injuring someone or destroying someone's property.
     And, please be aware, El Gringo Viejo is not talking about everyone being a  Dr. Carson, Condoleezza Rice, or Colonel West, although they are good examples.  I am talking about the guy who goes to any legal and morally correct job.  The guys who have any set of advanced skills, or a business however small or large.  Once again, it is the skilled mechanic, the hair-dresser saving up to establish her own shoppe or buy out the one where she has become the "lead girl", or the teacher, or the Nurse Practitioner....etc. etc. etc.   We are references men who lead their children by their presences and guidance, and who lord over "The Family".
Why the balky deployment of the National Guard in Ferguson, Missouri?
     Little known but very relevant facts seem to float around in the ether like low hanging fruit on a short tree.  Weapons of mass destruction were found, early on during the Iraq invasion.  Lois Lerner's emails were found in plain sight.  A Marine Sergeant's early release from Mexican detention was confounded by Barry Soetoro's unwillingness to come clean about Fast and Furious secretly funnelling automatic weapons via the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives into Mexico.  Solyndra executives were kicking back campaign contributions from their huge salaries that were paid by  government-backed grants and loans.  Those grants and loans quickly were quickly exhausted as Solyndra went bankrupt, as did most (if not all) of the "green industry" subsidies to Democrat donors to Obama.   Tax, tax.  Spend, spend. Elect, elect.
     But here is another interesting fact, relevant to the destruction of a nice little town where once there was peace and a bit of prosperity.   The State prosecutor who headed the Grand Jury and his office decided to keep the US Department of Justice in the loop concerning scheduling, evidence recovery, and the general direction of the Grand Jury's progress.
     These transmissions were supposedly, and reasonably, confidential and certainly not for publication or broadcast.  It turns out that "....a very highly placed official in the Department of Justice", informed "someone" in the Washington Post offices that the findings and conclusions of the Grand Jury were going to be released a such and such hour, on such and such date.
     And so, although the perfectly worthless, useless, and disingenuous governor of the State of Missouri had mobilised the National Guard a bit less than a week earlier, they remained un-deployed....hanging around in the centre of St. Louis instead.   The honourable (?) Governor was certainly advised by the Department of Justice that they had learned of a probable announcement.  He probably confirmed to the Department of Justice that he had the same information.  It was then that some agent of Eric Holder or Holder himself, in all probability, told the honourable (?) Governor Nixon to not send in the National Guard....let the people get their protests out of their systems....we don't want to act like Republicans....or whatever.
Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 9.11.28 PM     It was then that Holder and Obama would meet and decide to have Obama make a parting-of-the-waters speech on the air....telling the "protestors'' to stand down and seek the path of peace.   That would be the signal to burn the town to the ground.   Obama's ridiculous focus-group-phrases address to the nation in general and Ferguson in particular was designed to re-assure the single women and rich women and union thugs that Obama is a man of Peace, and the Advocate of the Salvation of the Collective.
Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 9.12.11 PMScreen Shot 2014-11-24 at 9.11.11 PM     The problem for Obama and Holder, if this scenario is true, is that Obama never had the chance to part the waters by holding up his magic staff.   His help mates from the New Muslim Brotherhood and the Communist Party, apparently with their own access to reliable timing information, had kicked-off the "party" ahead of schedule, once they were certain that the policeman had been no-billed.
     This left Father Obamaham talking about following the rules and how America is a nation of Laws (?) and violence will not be tolerated. blah, blah, blah, while on the split screen the whole world could see Ferguson burning.
    All ridiculous.  All designed for the low information and low intelligence crowd who has an addiction for "reality programmes".  The National Guard, in any regard was not deployed.  They were mobilised, but not deployed.  Had they been deployed, en force, four hours before, things would have been different.  It they had been correctly staffed-up, there would have been 7,500 infantry with bayonets fixed and with announcements having been made that any looters would have to consider that the police and soldiers have orders to shoot-to-kill any looters, vandals, or provocateurs.   That is what is required when dealing with mentally, morally, and socially defective humanoids.
Attorney General Eric Holder
Hero of the Battle of Ferguson

     Because the good Governor Nixon was more concerned with the tender feelings of the looters and vandals than with the business community, another $20,000,000 in damages was racked up, and several businesses were completely destroyed.   First things first.  We really needed to let the "peaceful protestors" have their right to protest respected?   That solved all the problems?
    But at least Eric Holder taught the Whiteys who had the power of life, death, and property over the stupid taxpayers and business owners.   Problem was....many, perhaps a majority....were Black folks, Orientals, and old-timers.  Good show, Eric!!  You are a real marxist sack of camel vomit.
     Like the parents of Treyvon Martin, we find that the parental convolution arrangement of the "Gentle Giant" (hood for 'bully') now has the mother and step-father in line for felony charges of aggravated assault and robbery (the mother) and inciting to riot, aggravated on the step-father's part.
     The mother, totally ripped apart by all of this, charged in and confiscated a vendor's operation because he was selling "hands-up! don't shoot" souvenir T-shirts and other "memorabilia" when it is the mother's contention that all such sales pertain to her prerogative and copyright.   A lot of grieving involved here, don't you see?   After all, she had thrown the "Gentle Giant" out in the street two years earlier because of his habit of beating her up for money...and stealing household items.  Nice kid....nice mom...nice step-father.   Mom wields a pretty good metal pipe, according to witnesses.
     The story becomes wilder and wilder as the hours go by, but authorities are considering serious charges at this time.
Thanks for your time and interest.  Please remember that this same disorder is what goes on down in Iguala where the "students'' were lost.  These movements serve only to destroy and debase.   The participants do not care about anything except disorder, damage, threats, and death.  It is their objective.  They hate America.
El Gringo Viejo