Monday, 17 November 2014

Update: Situation concerning Iguala, Guerrero, Mexico issue


     During the past few dozen hours, we have tried to delve into the murky mess surrounding the matter of the "missing students" of  Ayotzinapa, near Igual de la Independencia, Guerrero in Mexico's southern highlands.

     Murky is the by-word, and it has been enlightened, oddly by some reporting from the Associated Press, and re-murkified by TIME, Inc. and the rest of the leftist press.  What follows here is the best available distillation of information without prejudice.   We start with a perfect portrait of hubris...political, social, cultural, psychological, and in all aspects:
The now ex-mayor of Iguala de la Independencia
and his presumptuous wife during the afternoon
of that day when she was beginning to declare
that she was planning to run for Governor of
the State of Guerrero.
   It was a few short weeks ago that the above pictured couple, Juan Arbaca and his wife Maria de los Angeles (?) Pineda held a day-long fiesta - rally in the community of Iguala, where Juan was presidente-municipal.   Maria was preparing her adorantes for her soon-to-be-announced candidacy for governor of the State.  She, as her husband and all her family, are adherents to the arch-marxist Partido de la Revolucion Democratica (PRD).   As afternoon turned to darkness, rumours began to reach the main table that even more strident adherents to the Movemiento were displeased with Maria's intentions, since she was more crook than commie, (this is not El Gringo Viejo's opinion, but established fact).
     Furthermore, it was learned that the offended faction of the PRD was probably going to come to the fiesta later and wreak havoc of some kind, probably a physical confrontation resulting in a brawl.  By this point, as is common among such people, and in this geographic place, everyone was pretty well wasted.  Juan and Maria's people were bombed on a bounteous supply of brandy and beer (all of it very good), and the other faction, mainly "professors" and "students" at the Normal "college" in nearly adjacent Ayotzinapa town, who were bombed on weed and beer....quality not known.

   During those dark hours, it has become apparent that Lady Macbeth (Maria de los Angeles) essentially ordered her husband to order the lackeys who composed the police department of Iguala to go "take care" of the "students".  The police went and harassed the "students" for a bit, and then for some unknown reason reported the "students" to the leader of the gaggle of cartel lackeys who have fled the cartels del Pacifico,  de Sinaloa, and the "Knights Templar.  In Iguala these remnants have melded into another group called Guerreros Unidos (United Warriors).   Suffice to say that the United Warriors are not the picks of many litters.
     It seems, by this point, that the United Warriors made off with two two-ton delivery trucks, went to the gathering of the "students" at the Normal "College" and rounded up the "students".   They were literally stuffed into the beds of the two delivery trucks, apparently so tightly that 15 asphyxiated on the way to Cocotla, where there is a landfill of sorts.   Once there, the remaining "students" were dispatched by shotguns and pistols.
     Apparently surprised that they had entered down a one-way street, with no going back,  the United Warriors searched out cardboard, discarded lumber, and anything that could be used for fuelling a fire.  All  the combustible material was thrown on top of the heap of corpses and a barrel and/or several smaller containers of gasoline and diesel fuel was poured over the mess.   It took between 14 and 15 hours for the entire ghoulish mass to be reduced to nothing but ash and a bit of bone and tooth.   Then it was exeunt all.

     Then begins the wrath of sour grapes.  Parents had sent their  children to a Normal "college" knowing that each child would be used as a slave - spear holder - bullet catcher for upper classmen and "profressors" for two years.   They knew that their children would sleep on the floor of a classroom for two years....thirty to the classroom.   The Normal "college's" fairly large gardens would be tended by their children as underclassmen, along with what little maintenance and repair is done at the "college".  Their children would be sent by the "professors" to take over pay-booths at the various places along the toll road between Acapulco and Mexico City where they would take the tolls until their scouts would call or signal that the Army was on the way.   Their children would also learn how to take and sequester busses of all classes and de-board the passengers, take their money and valuables, and then torch the busses.  Part of the Peoples' Tax for the Revolucion!!!

     But now the parents are concerned about the missing "students"  and "professors".  All the family members, the remaining "students" and "professors", and several thousand professional ''community organisers" are now committed to the recovery, in live form, of the missing children.  They demand the return of the children.   Mobilisations have begun throughout Mexico, but principally in those areas that always seem to be in upheaval; Chilpancingo, Morelia, Oaxaca, and of course around any university, almost without exception.   It is only in the north of the Republic where such turmoil is rare around a university campus.
    It should be pointed out that these demonstrations especially exited the community organiser community in Mexico City as well.  Some 20,000 gathered on the Zocalo recently to protest (a rather small crowd, by Mexico City standards).  The more ardent of the community organisers even attempted to kick down the 7 tonne doors of the Presidential Palace, and after failing that they actually hurled Molotov's against them, causing damage albeit minor.
     The vandalism and disorders have probably cost and/or lost in the neighbourhood of 20,000,000 USD by this point.  But no cost is either too little or too much to try to jump the shark.   It became time, not to blame the team of Juan and Maria, but rather the President Enrique Pena Nieto and the Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI).   Blame is left over to condemn the previous administration of the Conservative party, the Partido de Accion Nacional (PAN) and the then President, Felipe Calderon Hinojosa.

     Why does the community organiser community blame them for what has happened to the lost "students" that nobody seems to be willing to return?   Well, obviously the cutbacks to the budgets allowed by the central government during this and the previous administrations have been very injurious to the Normal "colleges" under the control of the most radical of all the teachers' unions.   Therein lies the rub.
     Using a Mexican marxist form of Obama national socialist / marxist rationale, if the "students" and "professors" had not have had to been meeting concerning how plan to force Maria to guarantee State subsidy increases for the "colleges" there would have been no progression of events that led to the "students" being attacked.   One begins to hear about how, like Treyvon and the Gentle Giant, they were all good kids.   They were victimised by the rich, the politically powerful, and the essentially white racial part of the Mexican population.   They never burned a bus that they didn't let everyone get off of first, you know.

"Students" from the Normal "college"
 learning applied Urban Renewal concepts
    International, Mexican, and Mexican military specialists have all been coming to the conclusion that the 43 "students'' were essentially totally immolated.  What little remained was put into bags and thrown into a nearby river.  The perpetrators were Juan Abacar and his wife, Maria de los Angeles Pineda.  They are referred to in Mexican law at the "intellectual authors" of the crime.  The active agents were 16 members of the Warriors United gang and several local policemen from Iguala.  There were 9 "students" who were set aside  somewhat during the disorders, and taken to jail, thereby saving them from what happened to the remainder.

     As you all know, this writer would be a PAN member were he to be a "real live Mexican", so if he declares that Enrigue Pena Nieto and the PRI had nothing to do with this is so.   As it concerns Felipe Calderon Hinojosa and the PAN, they had even less involvement.   And now all know the rest of the story.   Please discern when articles and news stories paint with a wide brush about the corruption in Mexico.  This was an internal affair of the very far left PRD.

     Finally, consider also that Maria de los Angeles Pineda's two brothers were killed by cartel operatives during inter-cartel warfare.  Her parents were recently arrested on national warrants for complicity in murder and in organised crime.  All four of her grandparents were deeply involved in the cartel activity....for three different cartels over the years.   They were not good people.  They found the right people to represent the Partido Revolucionario Democratico,  I genuinely lament to say.
El Gringo Viejo