Sunday, 16 November 2014

You did well, Barry....Stayed true to form

    It is Sunday and there are other and better things to do.   There is no way, however, that we could go without commenting upon the fact that Barry outdid himself, one more time.   When asked a question during his stay in Australia, about the matter of MacGruber's Folley, Barry true to his dull,  predictable, mendacious form declared that he had had no knowledge of any of it.  Further, his staff had just informed him of the matter as he came out to the presser.   He also allowed that MacGruber was never a staff member of his administration.  It was pointed out that MacGruber opinions are not Barry's opinions.

     All of Barry's remarks were carefully, and childishly, and churlishly worded in opacity, multiple possible meanings, and with a sneer.   We know, and he knows that his only reason for living at this point is to arrange scenarios whereby he can paint Republicans and Conservatives as bad people who actively want to hurt other people and to keep them "down".

     IRS,  ATF, VA, ISIS, a totally corrupt upper-level of the Department of Justice as well as almost every other aspect of the administrative level of his regime, and a general officers corps that is not worthy of the men they is a veritable show.

More Later.  Thanks for your continued time and patience.
El Gringo Viejo

(p.s. - please remember everything {Sir Edmund} Hillary has done for women during the remainder of this weekend)