Tuesday, 18 November 2014

If not now, when? If not here, where? A call to ride to the sound of the cannons!

      One is left to scratch his bony head with wonderment.  The Republicans just managed to breach the parapets and destroy the American Democratic National Socialist Workers' Party.   Had the tables been reversed,  the roving hordes of Occupy Wall Street, labour union, parasites, crony-Ruhr Valley capitalists would still be running up and down the streets of Peoria, burning down stores and breaking the windows out of the banks and MacDonald's.
     One has to admit that it would be fun to see Warren Buffet and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid giving each other high-fives and sharing complaints about how horribly stinky the rubes of the province are.   It would be good to see all stopping just short of the celebratory finish-line so as to allow the totally naked Monarch to cross first....wearing only his huge crown.
     Later celebrants could have their pictures made in front of Air Force Obama Forever with the new white side-walled tires fitted onto the landing gear.   A Burning Man Event would have been held in every nook and cranny of the Republic for weeks....even months.   The Obsolete Media could even explain to us that Miss Flukie was going to be beatified for being martyred by having been beaten by a male for a seat in the past elections.   We are left  only to imagine in this mid-summer night's dream what the IRS and ATF could have done to this poor soul, had he been real.
     But, fear not, because before this scene would have ended, volunteers from the UAW and the SEIUnion, along with George Soros, Oprah Winfrey, and (Sir Edmund) Hillary would have led a group of leading liberal universities' students to clean up all the resulting garbage and litter.   The odors would have had to take care of themselves.

     While these scenes did not occur, they would have.  But we are faced with another scene.  That scene is one of a combined force of right-wing crazies, Country-Clubbers, curmudgeons / veterans,  proprietors, and skilled blue-collar people....a group increasingly Latino and African-American....came together to elect....GOVERNORS IN MASSACHUSETTS AND MARYLAND AND ILLINOIS?????   Debbie Washerman Smaltz!!! Say it isn't so!!!
     The wash-out was so wide and deep that it descended into the races for dog-catcher and village metre-reader supervisor.   Several more State Congresses moved to be amongst  the Elephants.  A Black Texas Republican upset Henry Gallegos, a powerful Latino Democrat to become the first elected Black Republican from the Republic of Texas t0 the United States Congress. A female Black Republican did likewise in Utah.  And Tim Scott won from the Cradle of the Confederacy, South Carolina, running as did the other two, on a very strong Conservative platform.   All three are not only more attractive, but also more intelligent than any Democrat and perhaps even than all or most of the Republicans.

Carlos Cascos
Carlos Cascos, CPA
County Judge, Cameron
County, Texas (R)
Newly appointed
Secretary of State
Republic of Texas
    Texas witnessed a minimum of 44% of all Latins who went to the polls, voting Republican.  Texas Republicans have a significant Latin participation in their delegations to Washington.  Texas has the first Latina first-lady of the Republic of Texas, the wife of Greg Abbot, governor elect of the Republic.
     We have melded a marble cake of philosophy and not race or ethnicity.  The  Secretary of State will be an immigrant (legal) who had just been re-elected as County Judge (chief county executive) of Cameron County.   This county is at the very tip of South Texas. He has been a Republican throughout his political life, and served well in a county that is composed of 85 per cent,  persons of Mexican - Spanish descent, and about 6 to 1 Democrat by their primary-voting participation.

     All of the above means that El Gringo Viejo's analysis was, and is, spot on concerning the lack of necessity to be anything beyond ourselves in order to sincerely draw people to our cause.  The term 'Hispanic' must be abolished from the Republican lexicon.  It is a word so overly broad in its definition, so as to be useless for any purpose save to make the ignorant feel as though they are wise.

     Next, we must put up at least an extremely vigorous skirmish against the idea of anything styled as "immigration reform".    If this requires limiting funding for anything beyond sealing the northern and southern borders to anything but legal cross-border traffic at appropriate, designated international crossings, then so be it.   We must deny any movement until the borders are secured and every international airport is staff with competent immigration officers around the clock.   We must also immediately pass a statute making it plain and clear that the birthing of a baby on American soil or any fixture, device, or vehicle such as an airplane or automobile of any kind by an illegal alien immediately disqualifies the baby from American  (or Texian) citizenship.   Citizenship, in these days especially, must be reserved for those who have demonstrated that they will adhere to the rules of citizenship and compliance with the law.
     Simultaneously, we must increase the pressure on all fronts, legislatively and judicially to overturn and nullify the Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative (OSMI).   As the central government has no right no know anything about our income, it likewise has no right or justification to know anything about our infirmities or strengths of health.   Such things are not the proper concern of a government of a free people.  It is something that should be required of military personnel and perhaps central government police agents such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation....who should be in reasonably good condition, but not of a free people.


     The results of last election point clearly to the fact that a coherent  majority can be established to roll back the progressive-marxist agenda.  But, it must be shown to the American people that all five sub-species of Elephants can, among themselves...working on that broad field of common agreement...move in firm and positive steps towards reasonable, conservative goals.   If we brood and say, "The black voting block will kill us during the presidential elections and the 'Hispanics' will kill us, too!"  then we are fooling ourselves.  The un-docking of the ship of solid Black Democrat votes has begun.  There will be no Obama to demagogue the false issues.  The Latin block becomes increasingly less homogenous and the non-citizen group demonstrated again that they are unwilling to become citizens and register and then vote.   The citizen group remains almost inertial in terms of not voting, and the block that votes edges toward the right.   The idea that the resident and citizen Latino group wants to have a flood of Central Americans come upon them is beyond ludicrous. 


                                                   NOVEMBER 4, 2014


PRECINCTS COUNTED (OF 255).  .  .  .  .         255        (100.00%)

REGISTERED VOTERS - TOTAL .  .  .  .  . 321,564

BALLOTS CAST - TOTAL.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .         83,522       (24,194) (55,172) (4,125)  (31)                       (0)

VOTER TURNOUT - TOTAL  .  .  .  .  .  .               25.97

     This shows what the reality of the "Hispanic" vote is.  Hidalgo County is almost exactly 90 per cent people of Mexican - Spanish ancestry.  There are almost 900,000 people known to be living here.  About 70 per cent are native born or naturalised citizens and their minor children.   There are another 20 per cent who are some degree or another of legally resident aliens.
     In the immediately past Presidential elections in Mexico, the Mexican county across the Rio Grande from Hidalgo County, also with about 1,000,000 population, with approximately 400,000 qualified electors, there was a 62% voter turnout.   Their last general election had a 62% turnout, and the Mexican conservative party carried the Municipio (county).


     This entire call is one which exhorts the soon to be Republican majorities in both the upper and lower Houses of the United States Congress settle among themselves upon the construct of a solid spear.  While it is being hammered into a wondrous weapon...go among the unwashed on the other side of the aisle and see if there are any who wish to crawl from the rancid, marshy tar pit and serve the cause of good order and solvency.   Certainly there might be five or ten.

Thanks for your time and patience.
El Gringo Viejo