Wednesday, 15 October 2014

WMDs? El Gringo Viejo Never Stopped Believing


The Pentagon kept silent as munitions left over from Saddam Hussein’s war with Iran found new targets from 2004 to 2011: American and Iraqi troops.
  • This is the strangest thing. I never doubted their existence, and never changed my mind. I knew they were there because of conversations I had had with very reliable individuals and because of the fact the Saddam Hussein had employed such weapons with abandon against the, women, and children. And he had employed them against his "own people"....including, but not limited to the Kurdish groups and the Swamp Arabs and certain villages of his own tribe and clan.
  •    These things were only disputed by the communists among us, aka: the "progressives" who oppose anything that makes a despot look bad or America or a Republican to look good.
  •     Then I shall never forget seeing two or three days worth of American media coverage of convoys of tractor-trailer rigs...some with triple rear axles, heading across the Syrian - Iraqi border....with the Syrian border agents just waving them through. It was enumerated at around 42 huge transporter rigs and assorted accompanying vehicles. It was explained by a reporter that scuttlebutt had it that Saddam was sending his weapons of mass destruction...especially nerve-attacking Assad for safe-keeping during the up-coming war with the Gringos.
  •    Then, after that, the only thing that was real was that WMDs were not being found, and that "Bush Lied and People Died" because there were no WMDs and not even the right-wing press and commentator group would do a little heavy lifting and find out what the true story really is/was.
  •    The biggest problem I had with the entire issue was "Why did George W. not call a press conference and say, 'Alright, here is the stuff, but we did not want to say anything about it until the informant group had been interred in situs incognitus for their own and their families' protection. These are the sites and here is the record of our time-dated film...of 7,500 already armed warheads...deliverable by fighter-bomber, long-range cannon, or by medium ranged missiles." But he never did. A true failure of Kingship...simply...I guess...because he did not feel the need to say "I told you so."
      Bush should have said,"I told you so" under some condition or another, or at some appropriate opportunity or another.  He should have pointed out, after everything was said and done, that "....I never said that I had to admit that there were no weapons of mass destruction.  It just didn't make any difference any more."   But, he should have come clean with the issue.
El Gringo Viejo