Wednesday, 15 October 2014

El Zorro stewed over this one....but he's right...she's never changed.

For the most part people do not change. In case you did not know or remember here is a character insight from history:
 In Case Y'all Forgot!!!!


Edward Brooke.jpg
Edward Brooke
United States Senator
for Massachusetts
1967 - 1979

This was shortly after (Sir Edmund) Hillary had given a graduation address of some sort at the commencement at Wellesley College, a hootsey-snootsey Ivy League  college for young women.  She read a pre-approved rant that blamed "the previous generation" and specifically pointed out the sitting Republican United States Senator who was present at the ceremony that day, as one of the guilty, for having neglected all the pressing problems in America, the racism, poverty, wars, military spending, elderly neglect and lack of medical care, everything.
    Many people attending thought her words were insulting, especially considering a Negro elected Senator, a commissioned officer in World War II, and although liberal...a considerate person who would sometimes stay in with conservatives on philosophical issues of importance to Republicans.  He was a strict anti-communist.  When it became apparent that Hillary had changed from having been a "Goldwater Golden Girl" into a strike-force pinko-progressive-socialist radical her circle widened into the gutter. She was adopted into the depravity and ilk of Teddy Kennedy's orbit, becoming steadily more leftist as each day passed.   And, as with all socialists, Truth is defined as "....that which advances socialist victory in all matters". 
     For a full accounting of (Sir Edmund) Hillary's exploits on the Senate Watergate Committee, this is the accounting by one who was there, and interviews of others who were there, and definitive actions that were taken against (Sir Edmund)Hillary due to her mendacity and this linkage:
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