Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Madness, Mendacity, and the Need to Shun Washington D.C.

 Kimberly and Dr. Carson discuss the Obama
Socialised Medicine Initiative
    Watching our team this morning on Fox and Friends made me realise that it is all but over.
     Steve Doocy, Kimberly Guilfoyle, and Brian Kilmeade all note that everything that Frieden from the CDC says turns out not only to be wrong, but is demonstrably a lie.

     My problem with their stance is that all three seemed to agree that the same government and official central government agencies should "do something about this" horrid problem that the central government and its horrid, invasive, incompetent minions have thrust upon a defenceless citizenry.
     The idea that Ebola cannot be transmitted except by this or that manner....false.  The idea that medical workers must do this or that to avoid transferral....false.   Ebola will never reach the shores of America according to Barry the Golfing arrived.  Sealing the entry to the United States by people from western Africa would have no effect on Ebola's entry into the United States....false.   Just name it....if it was said by that weasel Frieden, the Grand Wizard of the Bloomberg attack on anything tastes the way a person wants it to was either incorrect or a blatant lie or both. 
   If El Gringo Viejo is siding with a Labour Union in this argument, then the OROG can be certain that logic and reasonable critical thought has brought him to these conclusions.   The Unions speaking on behalf of their membership are actually doing a rare thing...representing the legitimate interests of their membership.   The American medical system is not designed to deal with 26th-world medical plagues brought on by people too stupid or backwards to figure out how to put a sewerage system into place.   We are geared to handled twenty or thirty inner-city shootings during a 36 hour period on any given week-end in any city of 250,000 or more.
     We are geared to taking care of loads of geezers who have every known difficulty that they apparently catch while watching medicine advertisements on television.  We are geared up for traumas....explosions...bus wrecks...storms....train derailments...airplane crashes....and the like.   For the CDC to expect the medical staffs almost anywhere in the United States to be up to snuff on something like Ebola borders upon the laughable.  It is like demanding that a pole-vaulter go to the weight-lifting competition and demanding that he pull a 450 pound jerk for the gold.  
     But now, because an excellent hospital like Texas Presbyterian in the centre of the Dallas Metroplex was stupid enough to have a walk-in emergency receiving operation....they have walked into the revolving door of slapstick stupidity built by blind people in the dark.   A man comes from Liberia to be with his family.  Who paid for the airfare?   Only Beelzebub knows.  He feels bad and goes to the nearest hospital.   He sits around like we all do....only the non-paying and Medicaid people really complain about it...and finally sees somebody.  He receives  a bit of sympathy and a prescription.  Of course, anti-biotics for viral infection is a big no-no most of the time.
      Before 48 hours have transpired, a certain Mr. Duncan has returned to the same hospital in full blown Ebola presentation.  The staff, now knowing that he is essentially radioactive, immediately isolate and begin extreme and heroic measures to intervene in a matter that results in 70 per cent terminal outcomes.

     Duncan was in Dallas to receive free medical services.  He has blood family living in free or public housing in Dallas....appears to be Section 8 apartments...and already on that great Gravy Train Conveyor Belt.  And he dies.   He would have died in Liberia.   But no...after continuous, sustained effort....the America-hating, Destroy and Blame America First Crowd intentionally who desired the planting this bio-bomb into the American Medical System, finally has achieved their objective.   They managed to load the bomb onto the passenger section of two different airplanes, and dump the bomb off into an area that would not know Ebola from a lug nut. 
     Mr. Duncan took care of the rest himself.   All the while, Frieden the Lying Weasel looks strained at all the stupid questions people keep asking him, as he spews "fact" after "certainty" after "protocol", each of which becomes demonstrably incorrect within minutes of his utterances.   But Frieden, as a certified self-impressed jackass, gets in one good blow in the issue, by blaming the stupid nurse for failing to have followed "protocols" when just a few days before he assured everyone that in America we have no problems because everyone is aware of the "protocols" and we have hospitals whereas Liberia and western Africa has nothing.
     The Hate and Blame America First and Last Crowd also hauled out the shibboleth of Liberia having been a "colony" of the United States, where slaves had been "forced" to return to Africa, and where the Americans made them name their capital after the American President who ordered their deportation.   And, or course, because of that ancient double exploitation, slavery and deportation, we were obligated to bring all the people from Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Nigeria to the United States for Ebola treatment and also for remediation of their toe-nail fungus.  It would only be fair.
     It is difficult for this writer to control his rage, sincerely, when such a simple, logical, and correct measure as prohibiting flights, direct or by any combination of changes of planes, that would deliver an Ebola-zone person into Mexico, Canada, or the United States, including Hawai'i and Alaska and Guam and the West Indies and Cuba, Bermuda, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, the Caymans, the Dominican Republic, and the Bahamas.  No Mas NO!
   Now, to the point.  El Gringo Viejo is disheartened when my team says, "We think the CDC should go in and take over the hospitals...and ....uh....uh...."
    And after that one should stop listening.  The Centre for Disease Control is a ball of incompetent nincompoops.  They are the Wizard of OZ....they are FEMA...they are the IRS....they are the State Department....they are the lackeys in the Pentagon who will conduct 500 sorties of air-strikes in two months and call it war, when in the First Gulf War there were over 100,000 sorties in 37 days and such measures were considered "softening up", not strategic degradation....they are the racist, marxist Attorney General gumming up the system....a Secretary of Health and Human Services who is unaware that she is in charge of the Centres for Disease Control and Research, and blames the hospitals, doctors, and nurses for any shortcomings in accomplishing the impossible.  Not her stupid, bloated, overpaid bureaucracy and her lackey Frieden....but us out here.   We are to blame for the gradual extension of the Ebola into the metabolic composition of the American public.
Nina Pham, R.N.
and friend
     But it is not true.   And. it is not correct to put our faith in fools.  The girl, Nurse Nina Than, a graduate of Texas Christian University (TCU) is bright, compliant, and has an excellent work ethic.  She did nothing wrong.   She followed the best procedures known for there and the moment.  Dr. Frieden is the fool for thinking that nursing and doctors' corps  throughout the American are "up to snuff" concerning Ebola proximity garb, the putting on and taking off of such garb,  and any number of Ebola specific manoeuvres that are required, in Africa.  Even with the very considerable training the people in the field in western Africa have, they themselves have either unintentionally been contaminated, or  there are heretofore unknown ways of being contaminated, at least in the library of knowledge of Dr. Freiden.
     This hamstrangle by the Centre for Disease Control is another example of central government in the hands of hard-core extremists who have fused the worst characteristics of atheism, National Socialism, and Bolshevik socialism with utter conceit and incompetence.  It is the overwhelming final proof that Texas must advance its apartness from the central government in Washington D.C. with or without the Republicans.
    The entire mime-show going on right now is just a prelude for some fool to stand up and say, "This is proof that we need to go ahead and nationalise all hospitals, public and private, for profit or non-profit, into the Obama Socialised Medical Initiative now, instead of waiting for some later, inevitable date.   It is obvious that the hospitals cannot do this work without reliance on more sophisticated intellectual reservoirs." 
    There, fixed....the place where all the mentally defective, conceited, narcissistic compulsive/obsessives are screwing everything up, has named someone to solve all the problems they themselves have created.  The Central Government breaks it and the masses beg the Central Government to fix it.
      Shovel ready, anyone?

With all this said, I shall retire and try to calm down a bit.   A couple of shots of AirWick and a half bottle of NoDoz and maybe some milk of magnesia for dessert.  Sounds yummie.
El Gringo Viejo