Thursday, 9 October 2014

To Riot and Loot or Not to Riot and Loot....that is the question for Valerie Jarrett

     The National Socialist Democrat Labour Party has a well-established hegemony on shrewery ....what with (Sir Edmund) Hillary, Nancy Pelosi, Michelle Robinson de Obama Soetoro Onyando, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee and several hundred other Margaret Sanger look-alikes on their team.   Almost all have competed successfully in the 125 metre 5 pound crystal ashtray throw, and each has been awarded the coveted Planned Parenthood Golden Coathanger Award.   So now we watch inside the White House at the comings and goings of Puppeteer No. I .

     Valerie Jarrett, said to be hobnobbing with Ahmad Rashad, is weighing the pro's and con's about whether to beat the jungle drums and sound the dog-whistles to Missouri during the final two weeks of this campaign cycle.  Mrs. Jarrett, who is only once divorced, and Mr. Rashad (aka: Robert {Bobby} Earl Moore) who is only four times divorced are both mega-millionaires by their own efforts and positioning.   These snide observations have no real bearing on anything save to point out that the "gated community" Negroes of the Left seem to love to attend the 50th Birthday Bash of Michelle Robinson while they figure the angles on how, when, and where to make cannon-fodder happen for other hapless members of the Black race.

Valerie Jarrett Gunny

To the workaday American, Devil
To the standard-issue marxist, Angel


     It is our opinion that Marse Valerie is debating in her own mind and consulting closely with that great philanthropic communications think-tank, The Annenberg Foundation, about whether or not to unleash the riots, killing, burning, and flash-mobs full-scale in Saint Louis and Ferguson.  They are trying to answer this question:   Is it possible to gain one vote more for a drooling Democrat Senator's election on November 4th, attempting to unleash a 109% black voter turnout nationwide by ordering riots and chaos....or would such an order lose votes among the insipid and hated white cohort of the electorate to such an extent as to be counterproductive?
     Eric Holder has 20 "civil rights attorneys" in the Ferguson area at this time who have almost certainly made all the necessary contacts with the thug element that arrived from Chicago.  These various gangs and unions from Chicago and gaggles of Occupy Wall Street nihilist / marxists are awaiting their marching orders as the hours go by.   Last night, another attack upon a police officer, with three shots fired at said officer, resulted in the shooter's sudden demise.
     The police officer involved in the Saint Louis shooting returned fire and killed a young, black male who was fleeing from apprehension, but who then turned and began to scuffle.  Three shots.  Bang, bang, bang.  In the preceding scuffle, the boy lost his ''uniform" hoodie that had been covering up the pistol in his waistband.   The youngster withdrew from the scuffle and drew and fired.

The crowd became very unruly.  There were firearms discharges in the near distance, and police vans and cruisers were kicked and stoned.   However, there were black witnesses who volunteered to
 authorities that the officer fired a lot of shots,
 but he was shot at first.

    The officer was outnumbered three to one, once again in the dark, and almost immediately there descended upon the scene several hundred unreasonable threateners, the likes of which have repeatedly shown that they are capable of all forms of illegal excesses when offended by real or imagined grievance.

     The days shall transpire that the truth shall be delivered.  If the losses in the Senate are unavoidable, Marse Valerie will deign to order Barry to simply rule by throne and sceptre.   The reasoning?   The wheels of justice are so slow that at the very least Barry can gum up immigration, grind the military into the dirt by degrading existing assets, and establish a labyrinth around the Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative  (OSMI) so muddled that Democrats and lawyers will be able to collapse both the OSMI and the standard medical system it was designed to replace.   The medical system will take 10 years to recover from this hideous attempt to enslave America into a Soylent Green, Cuban veterinarian scheme.
     Valerie's Wikipedia states that her family "moved" from Iran to London, and then later to Chicago.   The reason that her family moved when Valerie was 5 years old is because the Shah of Iran expelled her communist parents.  Her parents, the Bowmans, had been in Iran for some time, as communist missionaries, trying to show the Persians the wonders of community agriculture (collective Bolshevik farming aka:  Look at rusty tractor with 200 vodka bottles under it).   The Bowmans worked  their way through leftist contacts to Chicago where they were taken under the wing of Valerie's soon to be father-in-law, a noted pinko multi-millionaire.
     Valerie took advantage of a brief moment when she might have been attractive (something a lot of women named (Sir Edmund) never enjoyed) and married the marxist son of said multi-millionaire, and from thence began her round of appointments to major commissions, boards, and agencies in the rarefied socio-political airs of the Daley Chicago Theatre.  All she knows is Marxism, crookedness, elitism, and impunity.  Typical Bolshevik cum National Socialist.

Hey! Barry...Hey! Valerie....Hey! Obsolete Media

The Cost of Losing a War That Was Already Won
Thanks, Barry.  Explain to these fellows about
Hope and Change.

     We are stunned that people so vile, so anti-American, so mendacious, Machiavellian, so easy-to-read as poseurs and pretenders....can strut around with their three-block long convoys of  SUVs from fund-raiser to entertain and hob-nob with those who can actually see the fine raiment of the Royal deceiver.  We are stunned when it can be done while Syria, Iraq, and all manner of order is being consumed by Satanic forces.
    The one obvious question is, "How can anyone look at a scene like this and still believe in the notion of central government involvement in the solution to poverty?   How can anyone with any synapses firing at all inside of what passes for a brain not see that AFDC, Section 8, food stamps, Head Start, Unemployment compensation, WIC, lotteries, SSI, Medicaid and the hundreds of other of "safety nets" established by the vote buyers kills the human spirit....and re-imposes slavery among all those who participate.

Captured: The Ruins of Detroit
United Artists Theatre -  Detroit
 Taken care of by "equality"and shovel-
ready whatever

 America's young...after singing
 "Obama, My Mama"
the New National Anthem


     And now, ladies and gentlemen OROGs, we leave you with a celestial wish, not a prayer, because I genuinely do not wish to bother the Great Orderer of the Cosmos with curing the sins and omissions  we have brought upon ourselves.  I will plead that said Superior Force in and of the Universe take note of our misery, lamentations, and confession of iniquity.

   Thank all OROGs, both newcomers and the faithful,  for the time and interest invested from your lives into mine.  We shall be in touch again later to-day.
El Gringo Viejo