Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Our new sign

     After a number of years, we finally came up with  enough energy to find somebody else to do all the work.   We had always wanted a somewhat official looking sign that would note where the hapless traveller had arrived.  It was thought anyone that lost would appreciate at least knowing the name of the place that he/she did not know where it is.   As we pointed out on our facebook, the lettering is reminiscent of the letra cervantina common in Spain during the 1500s.  It is entirely appropriate for a place built in the style of the Quinta.   We were very pleased with the effort of the artiste.
     During the day to-day, I am sure that Alvaro and perhaps even Mr. Salazar our neighbour will be putting the sign onto either a wooden or metal pole, somewhere that will protect it from the slingshots and children throwing rocks.   I am sure that they will find an appropriate place and standard. 
El Gringo Viejo