Friday, 10 October 2014

Possibly Silly, but it is important to us....and You are part of us

The Hacienda de La Vega has
its sign, about 30 feet away
also outside the gate.  So
perhaps the children can
resist the temptation  to
practice their slingshot
proweress, aftere all.
Alvaro has already installed
the sign, although I wanted
it inside the gates.  But, it
looks fine there.  If need
we can change it later.
    We hate to belabour the signage and so forth, but it has been one of those things that lurked around in the back of our minds for a good long while.  Now that it is done, it causes a sensation similar to that a child feels late on the night of the 24th of December.  I have not had the opportunity to see it "in person", and that will have to wait until  after my absentee ballot is cast on the 20th of October....straight Republican.  This will make over forty-two years of having never cast a vote in a partisan election that was not Republican.  It becomes increasingly difficult, due to the fact that so much of our party is made up of people who want to be "reasonable" and who want to work in a "bi-partisan manner", and who want to "fix" the Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative (OSMI).   That lemming-like "reasonability" has all but destroyed the Republic.
   One cannot compromise with liars and prevaricators.   It is impossible  to deal honestly with people who can even fathom saying in public, something like, "We have to vote for it in order to find out what's inside of it." or one of the best of all time, "....and if you want to keep your can keep your doctor....and if you want to keep your can keep your plan.....period."

     And how, pray thee, can someone fathom the utter moral depravity of a president who values his people based upon the following formula:   one deserter who is pro-Islamic jihad, a collaborator, a traitor in the truest sense, for five battle-hardened, murderous, religious psychotics.   And he even lied about that...saying that the trade was a matter of urgency because the "soldier" was "critically ill".  A complete examination at the Army hospital in Germany showed no serious injuries or maladies.
   Or a president who trades Mubarak for the Muslim Brotherhood?   Or who can say, "....there is not one smidgen of corruption...." concerning what is obviously one of the very worst cases of corruption involving collusion for arbitrary and illegal political harassment in the history of the Internal Revenue Service? 

     More later.  We just wanted to show off the sign's placement.  We have been advised that the Sargento Mayor did plumb it up straight before he anchored the sign-post.  That is in keeping with Alvaro's normal work habits.
 El Gringo Viejo