Sunday, 5 October 2014

Head of the Centres for Disease Control and Research Is Deluded, Dangerous, and Dead Wrong

     The certainty of the present regime in Washington, D.C. that they can say whatever they wish and make it true grates on the nerves and sensibilities of those still capable of critical thinking.  The notion that some poobah from the CDC can actually come before the citizenry and say that prohibiting entry into the United States of people who are from Ebola-friendly entities and areas will not protect the Gringos from Ebola is so amazingly stupid that it leaves this listener stunned and furious.
     A contributor to The Hill screed sums up what 99% of the all participants said in many different ways, "A travel ban could make Ebola outbreak worse." Here is the perfect summary of the Obama Administration in one single phrase. Apply this stupid and dangerous logic to Obama's entire term: quick phrase-lies that ruin everything. "The border has never been more secure." "You can keep your doctor. Period." "Illegal aliens won't get Obamacare." "Common Core will raise standards." In fact the ONLY thing Obama has ever said that was not a lie is "We will fundamentally transform America." You got that right... into a disease-ridden, Muslim-beheading, flash-mob, unemployed third-world TOILET."
   Obama has most certainly followed Valerie Jarrett's instructions to a "T" in the sense that every move made by this regime, and every step taken by this regime has been calculated to forward the  agenda of human oppression, Marxism, dissolution of the American Republic, and racial confrontation.  The neutering of the United States Senate by environmental marxist elements and the imposition of foreign and hostile philosophies has moved us now to the point that not only are our grandchildren enslaved to a debt greater than normal people can reasonably comprehend, but now we face the possibility that there will be no grandchildren to pay any debt. 
Dr. Frieden
Tom Frieden
Director - CDC
Fool, cad, and
   The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention have played this game out perfectly so as to have a wave of viral infections invade us from the south and a wave of viral infections invade us from the east.   They have their hidey holes all laid out, while the rest of common, normal America must wait in line now at the hospital while verminous waves of humanised weaponry overload a medical situation already in the scrap-yard due to Obama's Socialised Medicine Initiative.
     Tom Frieden's blatant illogic during his attempt to explain to what he thinks is a nation of low information and low intelligence dolts is so stunning that it calls for his imprisonment if we can ever take back the proper processes of governmental operations.  To think that almost every non-Ebola black African, Arab, and many other countries such as France and Great Britain have taken extreme and profound steps to deny entry to people from Ebola afflicted zones, regions, and countries.  Yet somehow, such a logical step taken the name of morally and legally correct self-interest of any nation is essentially ridiculed by the very person who pretends to be some kind of national health caretaker.  What madness!

El Gringo Viejo