Saturday, 4 October 2014

Four Way Bar Room Fight

     The grand jury is still studying the issue, and the testimony is mountainous, well over 2,400 pages single spaced.   In an effort to avoid the charge of indicting the suspects before they read the evidence against them, each juror is really investing his or her time into the issue.
     It seems that at the Huackamoh Bar over on 7th Street a couple of months ago a bunch of Democrat congressional office staffers were quaffing when an argument began to heat up.  One of them postulated that the Ebola outbreak had been caused by the Republicans so as to throw Obama Onyango Soetoro off his Victory Lap.  He said that he had personal knowledge from a guy at the Pentagon that George W. Bush, who was a pilot of a warplane in the Air National Guard had flown over to some place in Africa name Libraria and dumped out a bunch of old WMD canisters over the capital of Marilynovia thinking it was old French mustard know....Dijon.  But no, it was Ebolia and one thing led to another.
     Another one said that was the biggest bunch of bilge ever, and that he had talked to a Jesuit professor from Georgetown who said that capitalist exploitation and purposeful White privilege had caused the problem by depriving the people of Libraria of their great African legacy of empire that eclipsed all other civilisations past, present, or future with wondrous things that other peoples, races, and even gods that do not exist cannot imagine.   Because of that the Librarians, especially those who lived in Marilyvovia and elsewhere, developed stress and a syndrome called Black Resignation that weakened their immune systems.  The World Health Organisation brought them MMREs (Michelle's Meals Ready-to-Eat) and from that time on it was fasting, diarrhoea, vomiting, and no interest whatsoever in basketball or television.
     Then a staffer with trial lawyer experience tried to trick them all up a bit by reminding everyone that the real cause of the outbreak was global warming and global cooling and global climate change.  These wild, pendulum-like swings on an almost daily basis of cooling, warming, and earthquakes and the like were being manipulated by for-profit corporations who had bundles of trillions of airline bonkpoints held out of public view.  All anyone had to do would be to file for damages, pain and suffering, and defamation....give all the people in Libraria ten or twenty dollars each, and the "....four of us here arguing could split trillions of bonkpoints and finally move to Cuba or North Korea and be happy".   The Librarians are happy, the businesses are hung out to dry and more exploiting the Librarians or anyone more production of useless things like food and shelter and wading pools....everybody poor.   And we have the bonkpoints.   And we can blame it all on the Republicans.   You know, like Obama and the nationalisation of GM and Chrysler.
     The bartender, a particularly obnoxious fellow said that he had heard it all, and that everyone was full of it, because he had the straight skinny.  One of Harry Reid's best buddies comes in late and that two days ago he had heard Harry tell some of his donors that it was a plot by the Koch Brothers along with Ted Cruz and the Sequesternauts who had explicitly said that they were doing the sequester, purposefully, in order to take down the Empire of Libraria in order to control some property.  The Bartender informs them that the property happens to be on the edge of Marilynia, and they are going  to put a 2,155 acre WalMart Shopping Centre right smack to the dab in the middle of an ancient royal tribal burial grounds.   The fulfilment of that prophesy, made over 1,000 years ago by Chief Crlylrymoe, when it came to fruition last year, caused all the Librarians to lose their inner Kwanza and forlornly wish themselves to death.

    In any regard, a huge fight broke twixt the various holders of these and other points of view....Bob Beckel may have been there as well....and there was a lot of "peripheral damage" as it is popular to call such things now.   It was about 100,000 dollars, and then a kind of riot ensue, although they were in Georgetown (Democrat saloon).   Several lottery ticket dispensers, liquor stores emptied out and burned, and other such incidentals.   Thence the Grand Jury.
     So, then, what we have is some pretty bad humour written almost inappropriately about a lot of people who are doing a lot of suffering.   But I do not apologise.  There is far too much apologising going on.   This has been said and it will stand.
   Why?   Simply because this is what the Obsolete Press is somehow finding in the tea leaves they find in the Dempster Dumpsters known are "news rooms" or variations thereof.  Every odd-ball notion from Jupiter one can possibly imagine has been postulated by these Flukie-freaks who could not think coherently if every life in the burning building depended upon it.   These people would be found going across the Great Plains in the 1860s, in one wagon, and when a band of Indians appeared, they would all shout in one voice, "Circle the Wagon!!"
     All of the explanations facetiously depicted in the paragraphs above the cut-line were actually expounded on the Obsolete media to a lesser and at times, greater degree.    Global warming, Bush's neglect and disdain for the Negro race, exploitation and rape of the resource base by cororations, especially America corporations, and active measures to push a resource rich Liberia into complete collapse and absence of population so as to permit another California Gold Rush for the "1%" in America.   The leftist blogs and the Obsolete Media are vomiting up this stuff as reasonable fact and speculation.
    The cherry atop the parfait, in this case, is the notion of an active exit quarantine would be unacceptable because:

     (1)    It is racist, in that it would keep people from  receiving the free care they need in the United States strictly because if the people were British, French, or German they would be allowed into Texas without a second thought.

Samuel F. B. Morse - James Monroe - Google Art Project.jpg
James Monroe
Fifth President of the
United States of America
     (2)    Liberia is essentially a Commonwealth of the United States of America in that it was established for the purpose of "repatriating" Negroes who had been manumitted back to their "homeland" if such were their wishes.   There was the idea promulgated by pre-Whigs and those who thought that it would serve as a "beachhead" for American entry into the possible development of Africa's incomprehensible resources.   James Monroe was a backer of the notion and supported the efforts that brought Liberia into reality, thence Monrovia as the name of the capital.
     Somehow the thought follows among the helium-headed elite marxists, that we cannot deny people, especially from Liberia and Sierra Leone, from accessing some kind of "birthright" that would allow them to flood onto airplane, ships, and/or whatever and hit the emergency rooms in Peoria.

     They are mad.   Not angry....but mad.  It brings one to the point of utter despair to think that for a president who says that he has a pen and telephone that he uses when he should not, he will not lift a finger to use said devices when not only he should, but when he must.
El Gringo Viejo