Monday, 6 October 2014

Frieden and Obama Meet To-day: Problem solved

          We were pleased to note the announcement by the head of the Centres for Disease Control and Research during his appearance on Fox & Friends this morning he had would be meeting with Barry Obama to-day.   We submit a video-copy of the interview so as to allow the OROG to note the scope of deflection, weasel-wording, attempted deception, and condescending posturing by Tom Frieden as he labyrinthed his was through the interview.  The following Youtube video is a bit crass, but it is a true duplication of the interview of the Weasel of the Day.


      Somehow, it is supposed to be reassuring to the public that two nincompoops are getting together to fix something that they both are actively rending asunder.   The notion that the United States does not have an active no-entry policy for anyone originating from the Ebola-afflicted regions is staggeringly astounding.   Were the United States to have an outbreak of smallpox in Wyoming, every airport in the world, from Tokyo to Budapest, would start going into shutdown mode for flights arriving from the United States.
     There would then begin a period of a week, at least, to work through a protocol for renewing arrivals.  It would be complex and it would involve a huge vaccination programme, where such vaccines might still be available.   A pandemic health risk of the potential size of a smallpox or Ebola outbreak would be devastating to any country.   Once the infectious agents "get loose" the geometric infection rate can outstrip any tactic or strategy to limit the extension of said infection.  Once it happens, it must exhaust itself like the bubonic plaque, or measles, or the Asian/Spanish influenza.   Each attempt to "catch up" will meet the agony of defeat.   The further problem with this case is that the mortality rate of this particular contamination is about 70 per cent.
     Were a Republican to be President at this time and doing the same thing as Obama and Frieden are doing now, the Obsolete Media would have already been making statements like, ''There aren't enough body bags to distribute for this Bush Katrina disaster".   Harry Reid would trundle to the microphone with 57 dolts in white lab-coats behind him to declare, "All the D-9 Caterpillars, back-hoes, front-end loaders, and dump-trucks in the world won't be enough  to dig, deliver, and bury all the bodies in all the common graves fast enough to keep up with this Republican-Koch Brothers disaster."
     During the interview this morning Frieden clumsily avoided answering question after question, essentially answering questions that he was asking himself inside of his own mind.  It was as if the interview had been spliced from two different interviews for most of the episode.   Every effort was made to pin the doctor down, but he simply refused to address the concerns expressed through question by the morning team at Fox and Friends.
     Then, Georgie Stephanopoulos has a programme that is only watched by about 300,000 people.   Ninety per cent of the audience is derived of people found within a twenty-five mile radius of Washington, D.C. , along the wilderness trail connecting and including New York City and Philadelphia, and the isolated outposts of Austin, Texas and the Wilderness Area of the Oakland - San Francisco National Psychiatric Preserve.
     The programme this past Sunday (can we still say 'Sunday'?) was devoted to "How can we say things that will fool the people at this late hour into voting for fellow marxists and crooks so as to keep Father Obamaham on the throne, ruling with his pen and telephone sceptres?  How can we keep the Senate as the harem of the American political system with Harry Reid as the harem master eunuch?"
     The great America patriot, communist, ex-con, one-time White House Czar for Green Energy Van Jones gave a sincere piece of advice concerning how to change the tide by declaring that the secret was Obamacare.   He opined, in the classic full-lie marxist mode, something very much to the effect that the people need to be reminded that 8,000,000 people have free medical now because of Father Obamaham.   Of course the number of ''new enrolees" cited by the obomatrons as having been newly registered has been  whittled down by analysis of the facts to a number much closer to 4,500,000 of whom the vast majority already had insurance with which they were largely satisfied but could not keep because it had been sabotaged by the Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative.
     But good ole' Van, being a Valerie Jarrett endorsed, full-blown, real-live communist could not help but to throw in one more big whopper as is common for those of his persuasion.   He was one of a panel that Georgie, the lackey - press secretary of the hideous Clinton Administration, pulled together....that panel looking very much like a rented clutch of Irish women hired to wail at the wake.

     El Gringo Viejo is not at all certain that this coming election is a "slam dunk".    We have to overcome provisional ballots, illegal registrations, multiple registrations, judges allowing mid-night voting on the day of election and carpet bombing efforts of vote-buying that all have become the Hallmark of the Democrat National Socialist Workers' Party.
Thank you all for your time and patience.
El Gringo Viejo