Saturday, 6 September 2014

We must press at all time, all sides, and all places!

The blurb below was posted on the Vietnam Veterans Only LinkedIn discussion group by me on 9/3/2014.  It is in response to an individual whose first name only is shown.  He wrote several comments to a blog in response to a web article entitled “Is President Obama Our Islamist-in-Chief?”.  I cannot post his comments as I have the responsibility of confidentiality to the discussion group.  I can say he was bitter toward the U.S. and a strong supporter of Obama.  His comments were acidic and in all caps.
I responded to him with some suggested reading I really believe if one reads and internalizes in the order listed he/she will be fairly adequately informed as to the danger we face by understanding Obama’s narcissistic personality and the culture of the radicals of Islam.
I appreciate the all caps. It makes it easier to get through the whole diatribe.

Seriously Richard, why are you so bitter toward it, those of us who are proud of our country and service to it? I don't hate the president or the politicians who are decimating our Constitution, I simply think they are wrong and have an Anti-American Agenda. Obama said "fundamental change"... Who besides he knew what that meant?

If you examine just a few documents you will see what is wrong with our president and why.

Start with the Constitution. When you have read it and internalized it take some time to read or scan the Federalist and Anti Federalist papers. There are a couple of ones that are written in plain English "The Federalist Paper in Modern Language" edited by Mary E. Webster and The "Anti-Federalist Papers and the Constitutional Convention Debates" edited by Ralph Ketcham. Those will give you a thorough understanding of our fundamental law and how it is applicable to today. All apolitical. There is book that is positive about the U.S., "A Patriot's History of the United States" by Larry Schweikart.

On the other hand, there are three books that have contributed to Communism, Fascism, Marxism and the "Ant-American" ideologies. The recent ones are "Mein Kampf" by Adolph Hitler, "The Communist Manifesto" by Karl Marx, and "Rules for Radicals" by Saul Alinsky. I have read all those but have not read an objective one on Middle Eastern ideologies with the exception of excerpts from the Koran.

Next there are political, non-fiction, anti-American and biographical works that support our current administration. Those would "Prairie Fire" by Bernadine Dohrn, Bill Ayers, et. al. and Obama's book "Dreams From My Father". In addition there one I recommend among many others documenting Obama's ideology, "Crimes Against Liberty" by David Limbaugh (I have a feeling you will not consider that one). Three books about the radical Islamic plan "While Europe Slept" by Bruce Bawer, "The Looming Tower" by Lawrence Wright", and "After America" by Mark Steyn.

This is by no means an exhaustive list but ones I've picked out of my library I think will realistically illustrate our predicament and how we got here.

Lastly there is one not exactly related to the above but to Vietnam I would recommend "Dereliction of Duty" by H.R. McMaster. It is a sad commentary of that period in our history but I think it is accurate. That notwithstanding, I am proud of my service then, I believe the reason in the first place was righteous and I would do it again.

Asking anybody to read that many books is pretty outrageous but I read them and many many more. I spent one year doing nothing but reading (2012) so there have been scandals and war related occurrences since that time but those we are familiar with. America is worth protecting and what is happening to her is a crime.


     This response by El Zorro to the commentator in question is the effort he, and many of us, are expending on an almost daily basis.  El Zorro finds a fallacy being put forward, with misleading statements and incorrect statements abounding.   We are flooded continuously with ad hominem attack, and the use of information that "everybody knows" that oozes forth from the side of the Progressives and other leftists.  As well,  it is almost always wrong;   even injurious to the interests the left purports to represent with such tender concern.
     When Barry strides to the podium, after Miss Flukie breaks the furrow, to announce that he is ordering that all forms of birth control are being included in the "recently passed Obama Socialised Medicine Offensive" for free, he committed two fallacies in one sentence.   Such a thing is never difficult for a marxist.   He will seed any furrow, especially with someone else's mule and plough.
     First, after Miss Flukie moaned about how much she had to spend for 'birth control' as a poor college student, Obama ran to the microphone to "order" inclusion of something that had not been legislated.  He cannot do such a thing.   Secondly he declare it would be "for free" relying upon the low-information, low-intelligence dullard thinking that anything the government "provides" is done for "free".
     To the issue El Zorro  addressed more eloquently above, in responding to a sycophant of Obama concerning his peculiar psychological and intellectual involvement with Marxism and radical Islam inside his own mind, it is one we must continue to press at every venue.   It does require a doggedness, and oddly, a bit of willingness to confront irrational danger.   El Zorro will win the long slog....and most of the short slog as well.
     As we have recently posted below the mast of A Gringo in Rural Mexico (at the beginning of the blogsite), we urge that folks clique on regularly at and then into the Survey and be assured there is no spamming or solicitation for time or money.   It is a cheap date, but an important one!
El Gringo Viejo