Monday, 8 September 2014

Monday Potpourri....a dash of this....a pinch of that.

(I.)..........Watching or attending the games played by the Garland Girlyboys, with their post-reality ownership and trans-interceptional "passer" is pointless.  Anyone who pays to enter the stadium, or who wastes more than 34 seconds watching any further of the burlesque / Three Stooges show that is what the Dallas Cowboys has become...that person is wasting time and/or money.
(II.)......We welcome the news that HRH Elizabeth has expressed concern that the Scots are possibly going to saw-off at Hadrian's Wall and drift on back to the Nordic wastelands, populated by people equally dull of wit and hopelessly soulless.  They will have to learn in a thousand years or so...(should we at all survive the coming flood of boiling water from the Arctic) to introduce themselves as MacOle MacOlsen.   It was of interest to study the somewhat lucid responses at one pub, wherein the incubants declared that the English National Health Service is all used up by the time the train pulls in at Glascow, so they are supporting independence because they wanted to make sure they had their free medical services delayed just as long as the English, to make it more fair.

Mucking in: The future Queen gets to grips with a wheel as Junior Commander Mildred looks on
Mucking in: The future Queen gets to grips
 with a wheel as Junior Commander
 Mildred looks on.  DailyMail on Facebook
     The main difference between the Texian position concerning withdrawal from the American Union and the Scots withdrawing from the Crown is that the Scots want to have more free everything.   They are jealous of the fact that the Isle of Man might receive 32 pence more per capita per year than the Monster on the bottom of Loch Ness.  The Texian movement's desire is that we want nothing from the central American government and its bureaucracy but to be left alone.   The American government will only be asked to devolve what has been paid in in terms of medical and retirement funds and other such monies held in trust by the central American government.
     We would suggest, if it is not too late, that HRH Elizabeth should have gotten up from her throne and gone on a "home by home" and a tour of the commons to press the flesh, if only in Her own Majestic Way.  The "screwing in the light-bulb wave" worked wonders before.   She has been a magic girl and borne up without wobbly knees in the most miserable of circumstances.  Mein Gott!!  She was driving an Army / Red Cross ambulance near the front, wearing her military style uniform and her stiff upper lip during the war.   While anti-Royalists scoff at these pictures of "puffery", "Old King George" and his wife the Queen Mother Elizabeth, and the Royal Princess of the Realm and her sister Margaret all dirtied their hands in substantial...both in PR - related and blood, tears, toil, and sweat related activites.
    In any regard, two points are obvious.  Do not discount the idea that various countries can and are trying to disassemble.   Belgium, Iraq, the U. K. , Canada, and two score more.   Even Barry recognised that there is an active separation movement, well-financed and well endorsed, that would re-establish the Monarchy of and the Independence of Hawai'i.   And if HRH Elizabeth  had been really, really up to the winds, she would have moved on this matter with the considerable  persuasion that she seems to exercise on the English-speaking people on both sides of the pond.

(III.)       The interview by Chucky Todd was heralded by the New York Times as something just a little short of waterboarding the poor, tired president.  They moved the goal-posts into the brave new world of actually asking the sainted Barry if it might be bad vibes to yuk it up with his buds after blubbering into the teleprompter about some reporter that got himself into a fix with some Muslim boys who have a differential impact statement analysis system.
     The interview was a huggy-wuggy, as usual, and Barry flunked even that.  Police interrogators know the signs...looking down and away as one prepares an answer, using the critical, intellectual word, "UH" , seven hundred and forty thousand, two hundred  and six times in twenty-seven minutes, casting a baiting smile to try to make the interrogator do the same and show pity.   Like, "Dude, why do you do this theatre thing.  I'm not good a theatre unless I'm doin' the demagogue thing, you know...that's my stride, dude....that's my strut..." and Barry gives him the weakly-smiled nod, with hopeful look, so that Spooky Dude Todd would bail him out.  He did not. 
This is Klepto, adopted by (Sir Edmund)
Hillary, at Marinomania where he was
 waterboarded by the Tea Party and people
 who hate.  He had been charged with
 pilfering the ladies' purses, and lifting
 wallets at his pool. Klepto has his own
Obamacare card, and is under 100%
 subsidy. His first explorational abdominal
 yielded about twenty wallets, and three
 purses.  There was no money recovered
 from any of them.
    The incredulity that Barry would be so obviously heavy-footed as a sloth in the matters concering ISIS and the Pied-Pipering of the "Amnesty Issue" began to show, fairly clearly.  And Barry bumped into the wall, then into the door, and essentially fell out of a first floor window in his attempts to explain, justify, and obfuscate.   We shall admit, that on this one occasion a person could feel for the interviewer who had to tear down a paper tiger in order to build up a frumpy sow who has written a book that destroyed more forests for no purpose than any other useless, old, mean bull-cow to have ever pastured on Pennsylvania Avenue.  It is difficult, but they will try, to unfrumpify (Sir Edmund) Hillary.  One must always remember and just think of all the things she has done for women, and the children, and the kleptomaniacal walruses of Bahualo Tongbaasah.   Just think.
Jorge Ramos
El Gringo Viejo used to say
nice things about Jorge.
But, no longer. He is just
another Obsolete Press
leftist Castro-ite stooge.
    The placard reads," The
Latin Wave:  How the
Hispanics elected the next
President of the United
As far as the Amnesty Issue is concerned, now comes Jorge Ramos, the famous LatinoAmericano reporter who delights in reporting anything remotely anti-American, although, as one might guess, he prefers to live in the United States as opposed to some nicer place, say, like Tepito in downtown Mexico City by the Buenavista Train station.
     Jorge is the kind of fellow who will ask "How can you justify withholding citizenship from people who have committed no crime?"  Although, be assured, that if my Mexican permits and papers were found to be in the least out of order he would howl for my simultaneous imprisonment and expulsion from Tierra Sanctus Mexicanus.
     We are sure that Jorge feels sold out by Barry, especially after Jorge failed to follow up on the hugest  whopperoo in the history of whopperoos,  when Barry declared that he knew nothing about the Fast and Furious Programme, and that it had been established under the Bush Administration, and the he (Barry) has shut it down as soon as he heard about it.   Bad, Bad, Jorge....complicit Jorge....accessory to felony perjury Jorge.   Failure to adhere to the journalistic codes and moral standards Jorge....tipico reportero/politico/vendido y comprado  - Jorge.   I'm sure your mother is proud of you Jorge.

(IV.)  This last blurb is easy.   Everything El Gringo Viejo wrote about the inundation and invasion of the people from Central America turned out to be true...about that there is no debate.   The oversimplification by the Obsolete Press about almost every detail was stultifying.   The willingness of the Obsolete Press to  overplay (although difficult to do) the role of the "cartels" in the issue was astounding.   Of course, the biggest point was  the lack of understanding or willingness to understand that all of this was programmed by Valerie Jarrett and the Gnomes of Income Redistribution and Democratic Socialist Outcomes.
     It was a three-for.   (a)Defame the Tea-Party, the conservatives, the nativists, and the producing sector by allowing them to make fools of themselves opposing poor innocent young mothers and their brutalised, impoverished, starving babies.   All of this was initially caused by Ronald Reagan, after all, when he secretly made war against the nice Ortega Brothers in Nicaragua, after their successful Revolucion Sandinista.   Since then years of social progress has been flushed by the Nixon/Reagan/Bush programme of flooding the ghetto with cocaine so that the Negro population of America would become sterile and die off.   And the Jews are actually the children of the mating of monkeys and swine.  (b) So...and this is not sarcasm or was made known throughout especially those three  involved countries that if the people would begin moving north at the time being talked about (February through July - 2014) they would be able to report directly to the Border Patrol and they would receive permits to transfer to the interior of the United States to stay with relatives or matter the immigration status of those relatives or friends.   (c)And finally, although the immigration system is not broken, it is simply not used or enforced, the American people would see that it is necessary to legalise and make citizens, not only of these new "immigrants" (the are not immigrants, they are illegal aliens) but of all those fine people who have been paying their own way and having to live in the the ones who march like stupid robots when ordered, making obscene gestures at anyone they consider to be more than one/quarter English of lineage.   And the American People, knowing this and confessing their sins and racism....would vote overwhelmingly for the Democrat slate of thugs, parasites, hypocrits, and demagogues.   It did not work out, in spite of incessant flailing of the mule by the Obsolete Press.
     Obama's ridiculous deportment during the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levantra mess simply pointed out once again that the chair is empty, the suit is empty, the only thing of importance is the continuing agenda to destroy America, one piece at time, as many pieces per day as possible.
And that's all.   We appreciate your time.  More to-morrow.  We shall be heading down to the Quinta Tesoro de la Sierra Madre on the 12th of this month, probably for a lengthy stay.  We shall certainly be back in time to vote either absentee or in real time.
El Gringo Viejo