Friday, 5 September 2014

Todd to Interview Barry This Sunday!! Whoooppeeeee!!!! Now we'll start to get to the bottom of all this phoney scandal stuff!



Chucky Todd, sharpening-up
 for Sunday's high-stakes
interview with King Barry
Todd - Barry, we were thinking, with all these phony scandals and phoney crises supposedly affecting places that are really inconsequential, does this interrupt things that are really important here at home like requiring that all children eat a free, government provided lunch made of ecological, non-climate damaging recycled nutri-units?
      And before you answer that what are your thoughts about the continued blockage of such vital legislation that is bottled up by the Republicans in the United States Senate? Don't you just hate it, when a small, extremist gaggle of GOP Taliban-types can use tricks and press releases on FOXNews to thwart Majority Leader Reid in his efforts to give the middle class a fair shake against the Koch Brothers and big money people like Mitt Romney, who Senator Reid learned recently still has not paid any income tax in the last 30 years?

Barry - uh, uh, uh, it's all racist.  The cops behaved stupidly with that boy who looks exactly like my son, Hezbollah Jones, if I had a son...he'd smoke dope, you know he's normal, if he was really....uh, uh, uh and everything.
Todd  -   And while were are on that topic, none of us here have any objection to the fact that you fly that peculiar looking personage of a wife and her semi-catatonic mother around in a separate jet. I mean, what would those people do who are complaining if they did not have you to complain about?
Barry  -   Uh, let's be perfectly clear, uh, uh, when everything is stood up and shaked out, you know, it always goes back to the millionaires and billionaires not payin' their fair share...and uh, uh, uh we need to close the gap.  It's all racist racism. 
Todd  -   My wife was looking at your wife's Givenchy a la Grunge' look.  The greys, dirty brown, un-washed  whites, and the spray-on Levis with holey sneakers and the pullover smock with the LGBRHSRYHS Rainbow for Peace, Freedom, Justice, and Everything or NO PEACE.   The Antarctic Fashion Magazine said that only cost 45,000 dollars.  How does your wife find such bargains?   Is she finally letting go of the sleeveless Muumuu as a fashion statement?  Does her mother help her with wardrobe issues?

Man, I didn't realise how accomplished he is!
Barry  -  Uh, uh, uh, that's what her mother does all day, clippin' coopahns, playin' solitaire and e-bay and that Russian Bingo game show that airs in the Situation Room where I personally have killed all the JV terrorists and everybody, all because of Bush gittin' us into this ditch and racism and women's reproducing all the time and rights.
Todd   -    And your girls...are they doing alright? Considering they are eating fancy gourmet food, notorious for being unhealthy, at their private school restaurant. Are they as stupid as your average supporter, or is it that they still cannot speak?   Do they get to have an "A" or a "B" entered on their report cards whether they attend class or not, as you did? We do not believe any of the rumours about them, or your wife, or that silly made up thingy  about your supposed auntie and uncle illegal alien welfare cheats in Massachusetts. Do you believe it such things, Mr. President?
Barry  -   uh, uh, uh, I only found out about it when I saw an article in the paper about a week ago.  Moochell said that she looked a lot like that old Black woman my mother-in-law hired to babysit the girls.   But we had to run her off, 'cause uh, uh, uh, she was just eatin' so much, so we sent her back to Massongo, or Kenya, or Manchuria  or one of those towns.  It's just more's all they have in their quiver of bullets.
 Todd     -    Thank you so much, Mr. President. We are amazed, as always, with your insight, perception, and by the way you can always draw that red line in the sand right at the correct moment and in the appropriate place. Maybe some Sunday soon we can talk about the death penalty for businesses that move their operations to foreign countries in order to avoid paying for the  "Feed Other Peoples' Fat Bastards" programme that has been so successful to date.

    Just before we leave, we have this letter sent in from an 80 year old, little old lady who has cancer and her old house just burned down and she is still in recovery after delivering her 9th babymotherbaby this year.  Obviously a lot of this comes from George Bush's mishandling of the Katrina Disaster that Mayor Nagin with your help, and Governor Blanco, also with your help managed to solve finally.
   Those pictures of you in those sewer-contaminated canals, up to your chest in black water, holding those babies was just so inspiring.  Anyway, back to her letter,   it says, "Barry, you just gotta understand that we are out of everything. We need more food, we need more child care, we need more Section 8 and I mean we need it right now. They sayin' that they are gonna cut off our water! Did you know that??? Why don't you git off that golf course and bring me some stamps....A lot of folks at the Bingo Hall are startin to say that you done lost sight of the 'hood."
     These letters are really heart-warming, don't you think Mr. President. It must be really moving for you to realise that so many people see you a The Saviour, of sorts....when they are so loyal, such good Americans and there are still people out there in their cute little tin soldier uniforms, playing soldier strutting around, who are consuming so much that could be invested in the reproductive and digestive tracts of the Parasitic Classes. Mr. President, my leg is still tingling since you stuffed your brilliance and eloquence in the faces of those two old white cracker privileged Neanderthals whom progress passed by. Thank .....somebody.... or something....or whatever....or whomsoever....
Barry  -  Uh, uh, uh, let's be perfec.......(FADE to Black)
Hard Break for AARP advertisement for FREE! OBAMAHAM CARE for GEEZERS, FREE!
 People have also noted an alluring new
'look' being used by Mz. Crowly (L) to
imitate (Sir Edmund) Hillary's (R) 
new 'lean and mean' campaign
"beauty offensive" to sway
younger women and
even men by pure
unbridled  sex
    We have no idea why NBC sent us an advanced copy for Sunday's Meet the Press with  Chuck Todd,  who looks more and more like he's replacing the famous Candy Crowley, as Obama's favourite lapdog.
    Chucky Todd is known for hard-hitting investigations about Fast and Furious, the IRS matter, Benghazi, Global Warming Fraud, Vote buying with tax dollars, and the attempt to storm the gates with illegal alien children...throwing 40 investigators into the Ferguson, Missouri matter before the exhaustion of local remedy...a Constitutional violation of the highest order.   You gotta love Chucky Todd for valour.

Shovel Readily yours, we remain sincerely
El Gringo Viejo