Tuesday, 2 September 2014

The Collapse is Total - The Plan is Working


     There is no doubt among reasonable people by this point that the entire agenda of the Obama presidency has either been accomplished or is now entering the finishing stages.  Starting with the expropriation of General Motors and Chrysler (now FIAT), and the rendering of those companies to foreign and labour union control to the collapse of American pre-eminence in the scheme of Planetary matters....it is done.
     The illogic and absurdity of the policies of this administration, the lies, the delays in matters of morality and legal process, the entire of muck of it can only lead a person to one reasonable conclusion:   this cabal of jackals and Gamorrahmites and degenerates have laboured incessantly for the destruction of the Republic.
     The utter, base, and purposefully arrogant employment of racism as a continuing campaign strategy...not tactic like the National Socialist Democrats normally do...but as a strategy leaves a person stunned and exhausted by its relentlessness.  Little does it matter that none of the principals who are employing this strategy as a centre-piece of their "administration" have no idea what institutional racism is.   So long as they can base almost one-half of the electoral base within the ranks of a group that has been multigenerationally  trained to depend upon the enslaving hand of unwarranted largess, their control of government is almost assured.
     And while Americans are being beheaded, and sub-human slime are using the second-floor deck of the American Embassy in Tripoli (not Benghazi) as a diving ramp to practice their jackknife and one-and-a-half gainer into the Embassy's swimming pool, the administration is busy stirring the pot of racial unrest in a place called Ferguson...not Chicago.  Yes, Ferguson, not new Orleans, New York, Detroit, or Anywhere, USA where people (using the term loosely) kill each other by the thousands each  year over important stuff  like whatever....on this or that street-corner....or door-stoop.  There is really no other more obtuse and disgusting form of racism than that which is practiced by Valerie Jarrett and her little gaggle of commies who hold offices with titles like President and Attorney General.   Imagine how much Van Jones could have accomplished if he had been able to stay on a little longer.
     We are reaping the indulgence and, in a way, the racism of low expectation and idol worship.   The Obsolete Press, so full of self-impressed people who can see the glorious raiment of kings who are fools, revealed themselves as fools from the entrance of this horrid personality upon the public stage to now this point of near-total collapse of the empire.
     By the racism of low expectation we mean that racism that stems from the willingness to always believe that the black man needs a handicap on his over all score....because "we just have to admit that 'they' aren't quite as smart as regular people"....and that is why the liberal cartel has forced integration (did not work), Head Start (did not work), quotas and ''affirmative action" (did not work), differential university admission standards (did not work), and a myriad of social welfare programmes upon the nation.  None worked in the overall sense.   The only thing that would have ever worked would have been the gentle but firm application of the Constitution and of Christian impulse over the issues of racial disparity.   We had the War of Demagoguery against the Negro for many years, followed by the Pied Piper's deception of luring the Black man into an anthropological black hole of multigeneratational welfare dependency.
     And then with this administration, all of this was continued in spades, and coupled with the steady and purposeful degeneration of the United States in military and diplomatic terms.   Benghazi and the Canadian Pipeline are excellent examples of lying and sticking to the lie.
     And yes, (Sir Edmund) Hillary is the same part of the same septic sludge and immoral ilk as the rest.  Pretentious, arrogant, profane, stupid, mean, vicious, and unqualified except in the view of those who can "see the wondrous raiment" of the Empress.
So, to all of them....no, not the guillotine... for that is their way.  But to all of them, let them suffer the joys of their inequity.  Their time draweth nigh, that they will be able to walk the cold, barren halls of their castles.   And since they believe in nothing larger than themselves they shall accompany themselves and the ghosts of their iniquity as they walk those cold and  darkened halls at night....searching comfort.   And they will have none.
El Gringo Viejo