Monday, 1 September 2014

RINOS resent being called RINOS and they call us RINOS

     The country-club set of the Republican Party is like an animal one sees in the zoo that is half alligator and half sabre-tooth mink.  Part of them are all soft and fluffy, and
part of them are so immune to outside influence it is like they have alligators skin that can resist a shotgun blast.   Then they intermarry among themselves, growing longer and finer mink fur and harder and tougher alligator hide.   Men and women alike.
     They talk about a big tent and a non-regional party....but they do not want anyone in the party who has dirty fingernails.  They certainly do not want anyone in leadership positions who think that outreach to minorities is something like trying to sell our reasonable positions to everyone equally, no matter the age, race, religion, or whatever of the potential voter.
     But, invariably, the RINO wants to take a Democrat Socialist programme and scale it back by 15% and call it a "conservative alternative".  Why, the Republican Party is the party of frugality and responsible spending, don't you know!?  Of course, that is why spending has gone up and deficits have exploded....with National Socialist Democrat Workers' Party and/or the Grand Old Party in charge, together, or apart.
The pit and the pendulum
Social Security, Medicare,
Medicaid, annual deficits,
$18,000,000,000,000  and soon to be $20,000,000,000,000.   By the year 2018, the national debt will total 63,000 dollars for every man, woman, and child in the nation.  Fewer than 90,000,000 people are paying taxes in excess of what they consume.  That means that the 50% of the adult and employed and proprietor class, each one, owes over 240,000 American dollars to Pocahontas Warren and (Sir Edmund)Hillary.  If married, the couple owes nearly one-half million, besides their other debt obligations.  If they have two children, then for the moment, they owe almost $1,000,000 dollars as a family....just to cover the national governmental debt.  Nearly 80 per cent of the debt has been built up by entitlement spending, not wars.   The spending for Social Security is, and staggeringly   so, apart from the unfunded liability.  As is Medicare.  And ditto Medicaid, aka in government talk "The Bottomless Pit" and the "Inevitable Pendulum" that present us with what appears now a vertical, insurmountable brick wall surrounded by a bottomless moat.

Bill Kristol by Gage Skidmore.jpg
William Kristol
noted conservative
analyst and pundit
 Bill Kristol is the quintessential "reasonable conservative Republican".   His flag does not say, "Don't Tread on Me" or "Come and Take It".  Were he to have a flag it would say, "After all, if we just compromise a little bit and get most of what we want then the ship will fall of the edge of the Earth the day after to-morrow, instead of this afternoon."   To wit:
    "If Republicans also spoke more about a broader agenda for the future which would include, for example, replacing Obamacare and rebuilding our defenses, I'd feel even more confident. Things may be falling apart so fast for the Obama Administration that such efforts won't be necessary for victory in 2014. But Republicans won't be able to coast to victory in 2016, though. They'll need to earn it".....Bill Kristol.   Succinct, to-the-point, and very professional.  But there is just one little Pamper in the parking lot.   Replacing Obamacare?  Replacing Obamacare?
A rough way to leave town
     We should take Obamacare, and after tarring and feathering the poseur who rammed it through the testosterone-challenged Congress (and I mean mainly Democrats) we should mount Barry Soetoro on a papier mache' 10 foot rail, made entirely of reconstituted 3,000 page Obamacare Bills, hardened to support a fool such as Barry and the weight of the tar and feathers he will carry, along with Miss Dietary Wonder-Woman Extraordinaire and conduct him and her to the Potomac where they can begin their one-rail cruise to Cuba. 
    When the RINOs smugly say that we, the right wing crazies and the unwashed who did not graduate from Southern Methodist University, or Columbia, or Harvard, or at least from the University of Texas or Texas A & M, and who are not members of the Mandibular and Vertebrae Society, are the real Republicans in Name Only (RINOs) because we do not know how to compromise and be nice.   But we repeat.   We have, through compromise, a lost three generations of the black race in America, where fully half or more have been led into the way of wickedness and sloth and crime due to the patronage of liberals buying votes and Republicans trying to be "fair".   We have much of our private industry grovelling for fair and foul financial relations with the Exchequer of the Republic, and farmers raising corn, not for hogs and people, but to feed motorcars.  
     We have FEMA, we have home financing gone wild, we have Veteran's Affairs playing shell games on the backs of veterans, and we could go on and on about the creep and crawl of the central government into every aspect of our lives.   We have a government financed by half of the population and bled by parasitic crony capitalists and slothful slugs pseudo-citizens who only bring their digestive and reproductive tracts to the nation's table.  No More Compromise with national socialist elitists!!
And we shall leave it at that, Mr. Kristol.  I still respect you although you think of us as your inferior.  I know that we are not, because at least we know that one plus one is two, and that three minus two is one.  That is the way we must approach our budgeting for the central government starting to-day.  No more innovative accounting and New Math for Politicians.
El Gringo Viejo