Friday, 15 August 2014

The Case of Rick Perry and the deranged Travis County District Attorney

     A short note to all OROGs concerning the issue about Governor Perry's indictment is in order.   It will be introduced by the Youtube snippits we include herewith:



     El Gringo Viejo suggests that DA Lehmberg wishes to duplicate the harassment  foisted upon Tom Delay by then DA of Travis County, Texas Ronnie Earle because she feels particularly slighted by Governor Perry.   It seems that the Governor vetoed a portion of the allocation from the State Treasury meant for her office's investigation and prosecution, if needed, of certain violations that might occur anywhere within the Republic of Texas.
     There is a peculiarity within the Constitution of Texas that grants the District Attorney of Travis County, Texas the power and prerogative to handle such cases.  The Travis County District Attorney is the only County Attorney of all the 254 counties in Texas that has that discretion.  Ostensibly it is due to Travis County being the county where the Capital of Texas....the City of situated.
Rick Perry by Gage Skidmore 8.jpg
Governor Rick Perry
     While there are a lot of nice and fine people who live in Austin and Travis County, it is a Democrat Citadel, full of radical students and professors who are barnacled into the University of Texas culture.   It is also where many government "workers" are found, and it enjoys the presence of all nature of reformers, progressives, marxists, and anti-traditionalists.  Travis County is about a 65 - 35 Democrat stronghold, surrounded by counties that tend to vote 70 - 30 Republican.
     Governor Perry might not be my first choice for President of either Texas or the American Union, but he like DeLay, and most of the other Republicans are "my people".  I will submit that the charges of "official coercion" being levied against the Governor are specious, bogus, unfounded, and will not carry even a Travis County Trial Jury.   It took Ronnie Earl four tries before a Grand Jury to indict Delay, finally convict him, only to have all the effort go for naught when the conviction was overturned on the first appeal.  Ronnie Earle and the present District Attorney are both vindictive, small, self-consumed people, pretty much like Obama and (Sir Edmund)Hillary....and one can notice how our lady immediately resorted to threats of retaliation and special consideration because of her "importance".
Thanks for your time and patience.
El Gringo Viejo