Saturday, 16 August 2014

Two Disparate Points: Mexico's Official Hypocrisy and the Inconvenient Truth for the Travis County District Attorney

     Weekends leave one to chores and chores lead to thinking inside of one's self and deciding that something more has to be done before the Sun finishes his chores for the day.   The Fox and Friends Weekend folks, all really favourites of mine and nice folks, held forth to-day on the issues of import....early, before that same Sun had begun his work for the day here on the Texas Frontier.
    But, in the darkness here, while feeding these cats, as I feed the others at our Quinta in the Mexican outback, I had to listen to the explanations about how another crowd of Centroamericanos would be coming up soon to cross here, at McAllen / Reynosa to wade into the fields of plenty provided by Texian charity, taxes, and others among the American population.  It was repeated that they would be coming up on the tops of trains, fleeing the poverty and disorder in Central America. 
    Two things...just off the top of my head.  Once again, allow me to state with more than total certainty, that 99.9% of all the folks who make it to Reynosa,  or even Laredo or Matamoros, do not arrive here on top of a freight-train's consist.   The overwhelming majority arrive by adequate to quite nice busses.   Another bunch arrives by charitable extension of a ride, or by paying someone "el combustible" from Cd. Victoria  or Tampico.  Some actually walk and hitch, hitch and walk, doing odd jobs and favours in return or for a few pesos.
     Next, they were coming here because this area speaks Spanish and it is a nicer place, logistically closer to places like Houston and other such points north where Centroamericanos dominate in certain barrios moreso than Mexicans and people of Mexican extraction. 
     The last, and perhaps the most important,  reason is because the Mexican stretch between northern Vera Cruz State and Tamaulipas is, as cousin Rush would say,  97.99% more secure for Central American undocumented people than it was four years ago.  So here we are again.  There is still the danger of falling into a trap of a " safe-house kidnapping" where the coyote / homeowner keeps people against their will while essentially extorting the people back home or at the ultimate destination to come up with more money than had been agreed....essentially for nothing.   Even this has diminished....still there....but it has diminished.
     The more that Obama and the Democrats and some Republicans mention the need for "immigration reform" and the more that phrase is repeated once again in Central America, the quicker the inundation of the reproductive and digestive tracts will begin their northward trudge.
     And they, like those before them, will be moving into barrios in Texas and other places inside the United States that are equally dangerous to the ones they have left, because in many, if not most, cases the enforcers have been there since long ago.   This is in spite of the fact that much was said three, four, six, eight years ago that "....and we will be certain that there will be no spill-over violence from Mexico".  That was the assurance of our Sheriff of Hidalgo County, Texas for instance, who is now making license plates for Texas.  He and his son....another ranking police agent...not so long ago.    The barrios had become hell-holes just like the places they had left in Honduras, El Salvador, and to a lesser extent Guatemala.
     Why?   Because the trees had been planted from the same seeds.  The same people were waiting to receive, abuse, and control the same people.   Sound and Fury, signifying nothing.   Imagine coming into some northern suburb of Saint Louis, Missouri and finding out that your new living place had been redesigned by the Black Panther Party and the Muslim Brotherhood, with Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson being in charge of your community's interior decoration.   Or, better yet, that you were going to be sent to a nice place called central Chicago, or facsimile.   For this a person would exchange no snow and single digit daytime high temperatures....just to have a crack at AFDC and stamps?  
     Finally,  about this topic, the central Mexican government has made a pronouncement that they were highly offended that Texas National Guard troops were being placed along the Rio Grande to perform what is pretty much "forward observer" duties.   This is supposed to finally be about 1,000 "forward observers" , while the Mexican central government has essentially and in fact militarised the entire neighbouring State of Tamaulipas  with 40,000 Army, Naval Infantry, Military Civil Police.
     While we understand the Mexican central government must make anti-American comments and complaints to placate its massive number of low-information, low intelligence people found especially around universities and extreme rural areas, it really would be better to just say, "We understand that the Texians (or the Americans) have the right and responsibility to defend themselves from hordes of criminals and people intent upon larding up to the American Welfare Cornucopia."
     And now, for the night probably, we end with the observation that even David Axelrod does not think that it is possible to charge a governor of a political entity with any crime such as coercion or public corruption based upon that governor's veto of a line-item when such an act is authorised in that State's  Constitution.   Governor Perry is guilty of nothing that has any reference to the Travis County Grand Jury's brayings and swagger.  This is theatre lower than bad burlesque.   We wrote about it yesterday.  Our diagnosis was correct.
El Gringo Viejo