Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Parallels: Treyvon and the Gentle Giant

   Similarities between Treyvon Martin and Mike Brown are abundant.  Like Jesse and Al pictured above, the two boys are poster-babies for the Great Society and Progressivism.   Or, the case can be made, as enshrined above, Skittles, Arizona Watermelon drink, and Robitussin (or Sudafed) can be used to make "high-school meth", was Treyvon's  juice of choice.   Mr. Brown's preference was for mixing the sugary tobacco of Swisher Sweets Cigarillos with marijuana, and repacking the Swisher Sweets with the mix, and selling the semi-industrialised reefers to his "friends".   It is known due to the toxicology reports on both boys that they used considerable marijuana, and certainly in Treyvon's case and most probably in Mr. Brown's case, there were mixtures of other toxins (drugs and alcohol) that were frequently ingested.   Treyvon,  high-school meth and Michael, Swisher Sweet Cigarillo Reefer.   Real cultural and intellectual proweress.
     Treyvon was the finest boy in the world, just coming back at night from the convenience store to his home.  He had just gone to buy himself a candy bar and a canned drink.  But the facts, when fully revealed and comprehended would tell a different story.   The whole truth and nothing but the truth reveal that Treyvon was not going "home" but to the apartment of his father's current squeeze, to where he had been relegated because his mother did not want him at her place.  His father, although he had the girlfriend, lived elsewhere and did not have "room" for his son.  So Treyvon lived the life intended for him by the engineers of the Brave New World.  Shiftless and dependent and narcissistic and mean.
     Treyvon was working on a ten-day suspension from school, having been found with drugs (probably marijuana) in his locker, along with stolen gold jewellery.  His suspension for such a long period was because of another previous suspension for physically bullying a girl.  He would have gone to juvenile detention but for the fact that the school district where he attended was trying to avoid reporting crimes so as to artificially be able to state that the "crime problem" in the school he attended (massive) could be demonstrated to be falling.  Kudos to the principal for innovative bureaucratic union mendacity.
     Mike Brown had been separated from his mother because of the fact that she had tired of being pushed around and hit by her son.  In a variation of the hyper-sensitive domestic violence laws that exist now in almost all States, something had to be done with Mr. Brown.  So, apparently, it was decided that he could go live with his grandmother.  She, after a period, banished her grandson to a certain section of her house, and would not permit him to enter into "her'' section.  We have not been able to ascertain as of yet the reason for such measures, but it seems likely that he just likes to push much smaller people around.  One can readily see his method of dealing with the person at the convenience store when that person called down Mr. Brown for trying to leave without paying for his Swisher Sweets cigarillos and the other things he had purloined.
     The notion that Mike Brown was waiting to start college in the coming week is ludicrous.   It was an invention of the Obsolete Press, possibly in parroting some silly person's fictionalised response to some lame "reporter's" question, "Well, what was Michael doing?  Where did he work, or was he going to school?'' 
     It should be noted that Anonymous had "hacked" into St. Louis criminal files, supposedly and found a lengthy record for Michael Brown.   But, one of the reasons we should all be leery of using Anonymous as a good agent in research is because he (it?) is wrong about 50% of the time.   Michael Brown of our incident in question at this time turned 18 this past May.  Were he to have a record, it would have to have been either entirely or overwhelmingly juvenile and therefore essentially unrecoverable.  We do know that had he lived, he would have been charged with aggravated felony robbery of the convenience store, with the charges elevated by having physically accosted the clerk/owner of the store.  His friend, who has been said to have been uninvolved in the affair at the store, was an active accomplice.   In my reading of the complete police report of that incident indicates that Michael gave him several boxes of the Swisher Sweets which were then secreted on his friend's person under his outer clothes.
     It should be pointed out that the response when asked about Michael's juvenile record has received the famous answer, "Issues about his juvenile criminal record cannot be released since those records are closed to the public without a court order."   That response almost always means that there is a juvenile record.
     Finally, we fear for the community, due to the threats implied by the notion that if there is no quick indictment and conviction, as the Democrat State Senator warned, "....you will see a response that will make these riots look like a picnic in the park."   The fear is based on the fact that the officer's injuries brought on by a sucker-punch to the mid-face area did considerable damage to the bone structure around the eye (many fractures), and the action of Michael Brown in making a bum's rush against the officer after having once attempted to take the officer's weapon will limit the possibility of an indictment, and certainly of a conviction.   It is a dark future for that community.
     The arrival of Eric Holder into the mess portends nothing but demagoguery on steroids and strong-arm tactics.   It is the Democrats only hope to energise their base sufficiently to hold on to the Senate.
El Gringo Viejo