Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Time Runs Out

     Back on 15 August of this year, we wrote the following:
  Firm orders could have been given to pull at least one, preferably two flattops into correct position, and then conduct low-altitude strafing and bombing of the undisciplined celebrants with unrelenting and merciless pounding.   The first casualty counts would have been devastating.   It brings to mind the scene when the Iraqi army fled Kuwait.     In that event, American and allied forces intercepted the fleeing Iraqi Republican Guard, who had been rapacious and brutal during their occupation of Kuwait.   The head of the convoy was stopped by anti-tank mines and air power, thereby blocking the forward progress while the rear of the convoy was repeatedly bombed and strafed.
     We were thinking that since we are influential commentators on domestic as well as foreign policy that Valerie Jarrett would immediately have us arrested and imprisoned.   Then she would order Barry to follow my suggestions to deploy the necessary B - I bombers and numerous F - series fighter/ bomber platforms against the obvious threat presented by ISES and L.   That deployment would be relentless, 30 hours per day, bombing and strafing an ever decreasing periphery of combatant concentration until such time that here would be nothing left.   It was and remained until just that past few hours ago the one aperture of opportunity to face a body of combatants so full of their own hubris as to think themselves indestructible.  Concentrated, compressed militarily into a ridiculous ball, and our leader is on the golf course....plotting how to milk the Ferguson matter for Democrat votes...and generally doing what American-hating Nobel Peace Prise Laureates do.  Hate America....and play golf....or lay around in Mallorca hating Americans.
Pathetic.  The time is past.  The ISIS combatant are "going civilian" now, and they will have to be rooted out one-by-one.  They are coming to get us.   But Barry will not have to worry, because the courses where he tee's up do not allow people like the ISIS people to get past the gates.
El Gringo Viejo