Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Finally, Holder is Fast, and He Is FURIOUS!!!

Father Obamaham
Nobel Peace Prise Laureate
Known for all Eternity as the
Emancihoper and Changipator

We are all aware how Eric Holder leapt to the fore when simpleton, un-sophisticated Tea Party dullards were dealt a bad hand by the White House, in concert with the Department of Justice and the Internal Revenue Service.  Father Obamaham declared, "Eric, my boy, leave no stone un-turned.  Get to the bottom of this and find out who has lost what and how we can make it up to those poor, in-bred, crackers.   We shall not rest until those peoples' interests have been tended and their injuries are healed, and the guilty are beheaded."

    Eric the Red has been dispatched with dispatch and will deal with one of those scores of incidents wherein white police officers shoot down innocent black children on a daily basis. Just as everyone knows that this is an hourly occurrence, it is also known that it is in the purview of the central government to enter into a local police and judicial matter because of the Obamaham Corollary which states, "Whenever the police behave stupidly, or whenever there is an innocent child who could have looked like my son  has been killed or offended by a Kracker Kop then we are gonna draw a red line in the sand.  You gotta get your revenge no matter what the evidence might indicate." 

     Eric the Red Holder has also been tasked with the problem that many "undocumented shoppers" have had their Constitutional Rights violated by members of the constabulary simply because they are encountered at times in stores that are closed.  Further, many store owners have been taken into custody, being suspected of interfering with the Undocumented Shoppers' right to "afterhours  browsing and window-shopping", a well-known Constitutional Right denied to many strictly on the basis of  racial or socio-economic position.

     Eric the Red Holder is noted for his record concerning what is known as Tectonic Marxism.   The cases of Fast and Furious, the Internal Revenue Service non-profit exemption abuse, the Benghazi matter, the cases of the Duke Lacrosse Rape, the Zimmerman - Treyvon Martin case, plus others, have purposefully been stalled by Eric the Red, because he wants to get to the bottom of every detail.   Someday.  After 21 January 2017.

We are certainly in good hands with All State Owned and Controlled.

El Gringo Viejo