Monday, 14 July 2014

Truth and Lies, Lies and Truth

     Bush and most of the world's best analysts all said that Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction.   It is known that he has employed them.  None are found during and after the war, although there are persistent rumours that some went to Syria and other places within Iraq were investigated and found to be probable sites of retention of chemical and/or atomic weapons processing.   During the past few weeks we have been treated to the actual deployment of chemical agent applications and the uncovering of pre-weapons grade uranium in the Mosul area of Iraq.
     It is assumed that the chemical weapons being used in Syria were derived from those weapons that Saddam Hussein sent west just before the outbreak of hostilities in the Second Gulf War.   And now the ISSA terrorists have uncovered the uranium that Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson said did not exist.
    But Bush lied. He made have been mistaken or partially mistaken, but Bush lied...that's it...the press said so, so it must be true.   Now the evidence shows that Bush and his gang were probably mostly if not totally correct. one comments on this matter...not even Republicans.  Cowards?
    I am going to shout again louder about this.  Most of the people coming up to the border at this point are not using guides or escorts from cartels.  They are filtering up through a very complex assembly of capillaries that are fairly easy to utilise by any slightly mentally adept person.
    El Gringo Viejo lives much of the time in a place in rural Mexico.  Not far from our place there is a main railroad line between Tampico and Monterrey. Fairly frequently we can see very long freight trains go by, running pretty fast....the rail lines are good and well maintained during these times.  We have never seen anyone hanging on to the side of the train or sitting on top of the cars.
     The idea that there is a thing called "The Beast" train that the cartels control and use to bring up people all the way from Guatemala is ridiculous.  The term "beast" is what southern Mexicans...especially Indians....called locomotives.  The only run that is used by illegal aliens on their way north is caught just outside of Tapachula on the Mexican side of the Guatemalan - Mexico border.    The people who actually use that train, and the other people who are filtering through by other routes and methods are generally moving towards Vera Cruz, Vera Cruz where they intend to hitch, walk, or preferably get passage on the incredible number of decent 2nd class and nice 1st class busses that are available and relatively inexpensive.
     The biggest fear the illegal aliens have is Mexican Immigration that has been and continues to be able to  round people up and send them back after much less shake-down than what the Central Americans used to suffer a few years back.  There is still a shake-down....but not like before.  When the Army or Naval Infantry liberate a "safe-house" all those poor dolts wind up being bussed back to Guatemala.
     The only place where there is a train called La Bestia is right there around Tapachula, Chiapas.
     The vast majority of the people arriving to Reynosa who are intending to intentionally be detained immediately upon making it across the Rio Grande are arriving independently.   This is especially true since the beginning of this year when very effective military measures began to mark the substantial degradation of the cartel control over their criminal activity.   With the recent increase of an many as six more regiments of heavy infantry and federal civil police groupings of several thousand more elements....Tamaulipas has essentially been put under, if not martial law, at least martial control. 
     This is the fact.  The whole thing has been passively and somewhat skilfully orchestrated by the Obamatrons and the Destroy America First people.  The only problem is that they have probably overplayed their hand.    Even many of the Obamatrons have now tired of looking at a very naked emperor while having to chant "Beautiful Raiment! Beautiful Raiment!" on the golf course.
GRRRRrrrrr.    Seek the truth.
El Gringo Viejo